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unbiased Night Therapy Memory Foam Mattress Review, Ratings & Comparisons

Based on 504 Actual Consumer Experiences

June 9, 2014
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What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Night Therapy memory foam beds are inexpensive yet provide above average pain-reduction potential and motion isolation. Heat retention tends to be minimal for MyGel models.

THE BAD: Firmness options are limited, and the beds may be too firm for some. Expect no better than average longevity. An initial chemical-like odor can be present.

THE MATTRESS: Night Therapy (made in China by Zinus) is an entry-level, value-priced mattress. Like most mattresses in its price range, at least 20% of Night Therapy owners use the mattress only temporarily / occasionally as opposed to regularly / permanently. The bed often consists of 2 to 3.5 inches of low-density (3.0 lbs/ft) memory foam over a regular foam base. (See the memory foam density comparison to learn about the characteristics of different densities.)

THE COMPETITION: Learn how Night Therapy compares to competing brands in the memory foam mattress reviews – summary and the mattress comparison. Also see Night Therapy vs Tempur-Pedic.

THE RETAILERS: Night Therapy is sold mainly at Samsclub.com, Sears.com, and Amazon. See buying a mattress online: what you should know.

Night Therapy Memory Foam Mattress Ratings

The report below is based on 500+ consumer reviews of the various Night Therapy models / thicknesses. The data was gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology.

Owner satisfaction B Night Therapy memory foam mattresses have 82% owner satisfaction (82 out of 100 based on 504 reviews). The various Night Therapy memory foam mattress models tend to rate similar to one another. Owner satisfaction, however, is about 10% higher for people who use the beds temporarily / occasionally as opposed to permanently / regularly.

night therapy satisfaction comparison chart
Durability / longevity C- With regular use, owner experience data suggests that Night Therapy should not be expected to have a usable life beyond four to five years. As the mattress ages and wears, it will likely become excessively soft and or sag. About 12% of owners report sagging / softening occurring well before 4 to 5 years.
Price / affordability A- The beds are priced from $153-$620 depending on model and size (not including optional frame / foundation).
Less pain / pressure B Most Night Therapy owners report that the bed limits pressure points and provides at least adequate support. As a result, pain is often diminished, including back pain. Excessive firmness or softness, however, causes pain for at least 10% of owners. (Refer to mattresses and pain relief for general analysis.)
Firmness options D+ The mattresses are available in medium and firm. About 15% of owners, however, report their mattress as soft.
Contours to body C+ The mattresses have moderate contouring properties. Owners who are heavier tend to report more contouring and "sinking in."
Easy to move on c+ The beds tend to be fairly easy to move on. However, as the mattress wears and becomes softer, the sleeper may sink far into the mattress which may make moving on the bed and getting up off of it somewhat difficult. In addition, heavier owners may have more trouble moving on the bed than lighter owners.
Back sleep friendly b The beds tend to be suitable for back sleepers.
Side sleep friendly c+ The tendency of the mattresses to be more firm than soft may result in less than ideal comfort for some side sleepers.
Stomach sleep friendly b The beds tend to be suitable for stomach sleepers.
Motion isolation B+ The mattresses keep motion isolated and, as a result, are couple-friendly in this regard.
No initial odor / off gassing C- About 8% of consumers report that the Night Therapy bed gives off a noteworthy initial chemical odor. (See memory foam off gassing for more analysis.)
No sleeping hot C+ Less than 6% of consumers report that the mattress can sleep hot. The MyGel Elite model has gel-infused memory foam which probably makes it less likely to sleep hot than models with traditional memory foam.
Good for sex c+ See mattresses and sex for analysis.
No noise b+ The mattress itself is silent. The foundation or frame, however, may make some noise.
No rotating / flipping B The mattress is "no flip." As is the case with most mattresses, however, rotating will be needed on occasion to prevent or minimize uneven wear and sagging.
Lightweight C The beds use mostly if not entirely lower density memory foam which means they weigh no more than average. But they can still be difficult to move and handle especially for one person.
Specifications transparency B+ This rating refers to the extent a company discloses the specifications of its mattresses. The disclosing of specifications allows consumers to know what they are paying for and helps them comparison shop.
Warranty c- Night Therapy comes with a 5- or 10-year warranty (depending on the model) which is similar to warranties of other value-priced memory foam mattresses. The steel frame / foundation that comes with some models has a five-year warranty.
Customer service c Night Therapy consumers should not expect much customer service from the manufacturer itself. Sam's Club – the main retailer – will, however, accept returns for 90+ days.
Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating a+ The manufacturer of Night Therapy, Zinus, currently has an A+ rating. The company has had 16 complaints filed against it in the past three years. This number is about average for a mattress manufacturer of its size.
SLTD rating B- SLTD Rating (Sleep Like The Dead's rating) for Night Therapy / Zinus is based on a combination of factors including product ratings by consumers, years in business, customer service, return policy, accuracy of marketing claims, transparency of specifications, warranty, Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and rating stability, number of BBB complaints / business size ratio.

Night Therapy Model Prices and Specifications

Night Therapy models are often available as a mattress only, a mattress with a steel frame, or a mattress with a folding box-spring foundation. Prices below are for a mattress only; mattresses with the frame or folding foundation will add $70-$230 to the prices below.

  Prices Thick-
Comfort/ Support Layer
Base Layer Cover
8" Memory Foam Mattress $153 tw
$183 full
$213 qn
$243 kg
8" usually firm 2" memory foam (3 lbs)

2" support foam
4" base foam polyester
COMMENT: Best for temporary / occasional use. Not well suited for people 200 lbs+.
Elite MyGel Mattress $195-$380 tw
$253-$425 full
$364-$492 qn
$358-$588 kg
8", 9", 10", 12", 13" usually firm 2-2.5" gel memory foam (3 lbs)***

12" & 13" models only: 1-1.5" memory foam (3 lbs)***
6-9" base foam polyester
COMMENT: Most popular model. Few heat trap complaints. Models with 10" or greater thickness are best suited for people 200 lbs+.
Deluxe Grand Mattress $512 qn
$614 kg
14" medium 3.5" memory foam (3 lbs) 10.5" base foam polyester
COMMENT: Softest Night Therapy model.

* The firmness description indicates what tends to be true; your personal evaluation may differ.
** See the memory foam density comparison to learn about the characteristics of 3 lbs density.
*** Density is an estimate.

Night Therapy Vs Tempur-Pedic Comparison

Tempur-Pedic is often the standard by which other memory foam mattresses are judged. The table below shows how Night Therapy compares to Tempur-Pedic mattresses overall based on 2,000+ actual consumer experiences.

  Night Therapy Tempur-
Owner satisfaction B B Night Therapy (82%) slightly edges out Tempur-Pedic (80%).
Longevity C- B Tempur-Pedic likely has at least twice the lifespan.
Affordable A- D Avg price for Tempur-Pedic is $3,267; Night Therapy $344.
Less pain B B+ Tempur-Pedic's higher density foam tends to perform somewhat better.
Firmness options D+ A- Tempur-Pedic has many more models and firmness choices.
Motion isolation B+ A --
Easy to move on C+ C- Tempur-Pedic tends to be more contouring / molding, and this can impede movement.
No initial odor C- D Advantage to Night Therapy.
No sleeping hot C+ C- Advantage to Night Therapy.
Good for sex C+ C Lower density memory foam tends to be more romance friendly.
No noise B+ A --
No rotating / flipping B B+ Both are no flip; occasional rotation may be needed.
Specifications transparency B+ D Zinus often discloses far more information about their mattresses.
Lightweight C+ D The lower density foam of Night Therapy means lighter weight.
Availability D A Tempur-Pedic is widely available in stores and online.
Warranty C- c+ 10 years for Tempur-Pedic vs 5-10 years for Night Therapy.
Customer service C B --
Better Business Bureau rating A+ A+ Rating stability for both is no better than average.
SLTD rating B- B --
Memory foam density (lbs/ft) 3.0 3.0-5.3+ See memory foam density comparison: low vs high.


About our unbiased Night Therapy mattress review and research

Ratings are based on 500+ consumer reviews of the various Night Therapy models and thicknesses. Nearly all owner experience data was collected from samsclub.com.

Learn more about our mattress research methodology and sources.

We receive no compensation of any kind from any company, organization or individual to affect in any way or degree the content of our research and ratings.


– Night Therapy mattresses with gel-infused memory foam have fewer than average heat-trap related complaints.

– Night Therapy is one of the least expensive memory foam mattresses currently on the market.

– Like most value-priced memory foam mattresses, Night Therapy beds tend to be more firm than soft.

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