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November 10, 2017

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Often soft yet supportive • conforms well to head (and neck) • no noise.

THE BAD: Initial off gassing odor possible • can be pricey • firmness excessive for some • above average weight.

THE PILLOWS: Memory foam is made from polyurethane with additional chemicals added to increase density. The pillows come in different varieties including shredded and one-piece.

THE COMPETITION: Memory foam pillows often compete most directly with latex pillows. See how memory foam compares to other pillow types in the pillow reviews summary.

Memory Foam Pillow Ratings: As a Group

The following shows how the two main types of memory foam pillows – shredded (consisting of many small, separate pieces of memory foam) and one-piece (consisting of a single, large piece of memory foam) – rate against the average pillow based on consumer experiences.

Affordable D C+ Prices are often $30-$90. Shredded averages about $57 and 1-piece about $50. Paying higher price does not necessarily result in higher satisfaction.
Durability / longevity B- c Shredded tends to last longer given its ability to be fluffed. Both types will lose “memory” and support over time. Expect on average a 3-4 year lifespan.
Less (neck) pain B b- 18% of owners say their pillow results in less (neck) pain. About 8%, however, report increased pain, often due to excessive firmness or lack of support.
Supportive B b- Most owners say their memory foam pillow provides adequate or better support and holds its shape.
Minimizes pressure A A- Memory foam contours to the head / neck better than other pillows resulting in more equal weight distribution and above average pressure relief.
Moldable B d "Moldable" means the pillow can be easily altered or scrunched to increase comfort / support. Shredded, unlike 1-piece, offers at least some moldability.
Cuddly B+ C A "cuddly" pillow is soft and huggable – not hard, rigid, stiff or oddly shaped.
Contents won't shift / clump C+ A A strength of one-piece memory foam pillows. Shredded has less stable contents which may shift somewhat during the night.
Back sleep friendly b+ C+ Loft usually cannot be made significantly lower or higher (by flattening or scrunching) so some back sleepers may be dissatisfied.
Side sleep friendly B+ B Loft usually cannot be made significantly lower or higher (by flattening or scrunching) so some side sleepers may be dissatisfied.
Stomach sleep friendly C+ D+ Loft is often too high to be ideal for stomach sleepers, especially sleepers of small size.
Not a heat trap B- D+ About 5% of owners (1 in 20) of the shredded type report excessive and bothersome heat retention vs about 11% of owners (1 in 9) for the one-piece type.
No initial odor / off gassing D+ d+ 7%+ of owners (1 in 14) report significant off gassing – a chemical-like odor occurring due to manufacturing & packaging. It often ends after a few days but can persist longer. Headaches, nausea, eye / throat irritation, sweating, insomnia & asthma from off gassing occur for about 2% of owners.
Short break in B- C Break-in time is similar to that of the average pillow.
Easy to lift, move C D+ Memory foam pillows, especially the one-piece type, weigh at least average, usually 3 to 5 lbs.
No noise B+ b+ Some covers may make a rustling sound when compressed. The pillows themselves are silent.
Fewer allergies B+ b- The foam is antimicrobial and resistant to allergens. Dust mites reportedly do not eat the foam but still may live inside to feed on shedded skin cells.
Easy to maintain C A Shredded memory foam pillows may require occasional fluffing. One-piece types do not.
Easy to clean B+ C The one-piece type should be spot cleaned. The shredded type can usually be machine washed.

Top-Rated Memory Foam Pillows: Comparison, Prices, Specs

The table below evaluates memory foam pillows with 83% or better owner satisfaction based on 300+ owner experiences. Important: Information regarding firmness, loft and sleep position shows what tends to be true for owners. Your personal evaluation may differ.

Snuggle- Pedic Coop Home Goods Italian 6-inch Classic Brands conforma Malouf Z Zoned
Owner Satisfaction (sample)        
89% (7904) 86% (13,397) 87% (666)
83% (2248) 83% (683)
$50-$70 $55-$65 $63
$38 $52-$96
amazon amazon overstock
amazon amazon
shredded shredded 1 piece 1 piece 1 piece
traditional traditional traditional
traditional traditional
med med to firm med-firm
med-firm med or firm
6" (high) 2-6" (low to high) 6" (high)
5" (med-high) low loft (4")

mid loft (5")

high loft (6")
Person Size Best Suited For        
avg, large small, avg, large avg, large
avg, large low loft : small, avg

mid loft: small, avg, large

high loft: avg, large
Sleep Positions Best Suited For        
side, back, perhaps stomach side, back, stomach side, back
side, back low loft: back, stomach

mid loft: side, back

high loft: side
Weight (queen)        
4 lbs 3.5 lbs 4.3 lbs (est) 4.3 lbs 2-4 lbs
Sizes Avail.        
standard, queen, king standard, queen, king queen queen, king standard, queen, king
Pillow Machine Washable        
yes yes no no no
56% polyester / 43% bamboo 60% polyester / 40% bamboo rayon from bamboo cotton blend
75% polyester, 25% rayon from bamboo
Distinguishing Advantage Or Trait        
90-day return policy. Above avg customer service. Can add or remove foam to suit personal preference. Above-avg durability / longevity. Low price. Model variety.

* See the pillow loft guide and loft calculators.

About our unbiased memory foam pillow reviews and research

Ratings are based on 24,000+ memory foam bed pillow owner reviews and experiences that were collected using an accurate research methodology..


– Memory foam pillows overall perform better than average on the issue of pain relief. 18% of owners report a pain-relief benefit, including reduced neck pain.

– Memory foam contours to the head and neck better than other pillows resulting in more equal weight distribution and above average pressure relief.

– At least 7% of memory foam pillow owners report substantial off gassing. Off gassing is the release of a chemical-like smell that occurs when the pillow is new.

– About 5% of owners of the shredded type report excessive and bothersome heat retention vs about 11% of owners for the one-piece type.

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