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unbiased Mediflow / Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow Review and Ratings

Based on 2,145 Actual Consumer Experiences

May 27, 2016

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Above-average pain relief potential • contouring support and adjustable loft / firmness • heat retention and initial odor are minimal.

THE BAD: Heavy when filled • durability / longevity questionable • determining fill quantity to suit one's preference can take time and experimentation • water leakage and noise possible but not common.

THE PILLOW: The pillow has a layer of polyester fiber supported by a five-quart capacity water base. The quantity of water inside can be adjusted to customize loft and firmness. Mediflow Inc. (in business since 1994, A+ BBB rating) makes both the Mediflow and Chiroflow pillows which appear to differ in name only.

THE COMPETITION: Mainly buckwheat pillows, memory foam pillows and latex pillows. See how Mediflow compares to these and other pillow types in the pillow reviews summary.

Mediflow / Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow Ratings

The ratings below show how Mediflow / Chiroflow pillows overall compare to the average pillow as evaluated by consumers.

Owner satisfaction c+ The Mediflow / Chiroflow Water-base pillow has 78% owner satisfaction. It tends to have highest satisfaction among people experiencing neck and back pain, headaches, snoring, muscle tension and TMJ disorders.
Durability / longevity c The polyfiber part of the pillow may flatten or clump over time, and about 2% of owners report leaking. On the plus side, because the foundation of the pillow is water, it does not have the tendency to sag and compress over time as much as other pillow types.
Price C+ The Mediflow / Chiroflow pillow is often priced around $35-$40, including at Amazon.
Less pain b+ The pillow performs above average in regard to pain relief. At least 30% of owners say they have less pain, especially neck pain, since using the pillow. The pillow has been shown in several credible studies to reduce pain and improve quality of sleep. Nevertheless, about 4% of owners say it causes pain for various reasons.
Supportive b Owners often praise the product for its support as well as how it maintains it. In addition, the water inside immediately adjusts to maintain correct head/neck/back support as you move.
Moldable d- A "moldable" pillow is one whose shape can be easily altered or scrunched to increase comfort and support. The Mediflow / Chiroflow should not be considered moldable, especially when filled with a significant amount of water.
Cuddly c- A "cuddly" pillow is one that is soft and huggable, as opposed to hard, rigid, stiff and or heavy. Softer and lighter pillows than Mediflow / Chiroflow are more cuddly.
Contents won't shift / clump c The polyfiber contents may shift and clump especially as the pillow ages.
Loft variety b- The pillow lets you adjust the loft somewhat by adding or removing water. Even with no water inside, the pillow still has considerable loft because of the polyfiber top layer. Excessive loft is reported by about 7% of owners.
Firmness variety b- Firmness can be adjusted to a moderate degree by adding or removing water. Even at full capacity, however, the pillow to most owners has no greater than medium firmness.
Back sleep friendly b Adjustable loft helps many back sleepers find proper support. Smaller people may find the pillow too thick.
Side sleep friendly b Adjustable loft helps many side sleepers find proper support and loft. Smaller people may find the pillow too thick for side sleep.
Stomach sleep friendly D+ Loft may be too high for many stomach sleepers.
Short break in C About three night's use on average seem to be required to obtain normal comfort.
Small person friendly C While acceptable for most smaller people, the pillow may be too lofty for some. The travel version may be better suited.
Avg sized person friendly B+ Its well suited for most average sized people.
Large person friendly A- The pillow is likely best suited for larger people due to its loft potential.
No initial odor b+ No more than 2% of owners report an initial unpleasant smell.
No sleeping hot or cold b No more than 2% of owners report the pillow acting as a heat trap. About 3% report the pillow sleeping too cold.
No noise D+ About 8% of Mediflow / Chiroflow owners say that the pillow can be noisy if all air inside is not removed. There may be sloshing sounds or muffled whoopee cushion-like noises.
Fewer allergies b- Water pillows are hypoallergenic. However, dust mites will find the polyester contents attractive.
Easy to use d Adding water and determining fill quantity to suit personal preference can take time and can be messy. Some owners report that removing or securing the fill cap is difficult.
Easy to maintain D+ The pillow can be washed and air dried, but some owners report damage occurring during washing. The water inside should be changed at least once a year.
Easy to lift, move, handle f Even with a small amount of water, the pillow is heavy. Filled just half way it can weigh 8 lbs. At least 7% of owners say weight is a significant disadvantage. On the plus side, weight keeps the pillow in place.

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About our Waterbase Pillow Review and Research

Our ratings are based on over 2,140 Mediflow pillow owner / consumer reviews that were collected using an unbiased, accurate methodology.


– The main complaint for the pillow is weight because it can weigh over 10 pounds when completely filled. This can make picking up the pillow or moving its position difficult and even strenuous for some.

– A significant number of owners report that the pillow reduces their "sleeping hot" problems due to the presence of water. About 3% of owners, however, say the pillow sleeps too cold.

– While loft and firmness can be adjusted by adding or removing water from the pillow, at least 15% of owners report that this adjustability is limited in its usefulness.

– Determining how much water is needed inside to suit one's personal preference often requires at least some trial and error.

– Even at a low fill quantity, the pillow is often too thick for stomach sleepers.

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Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

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