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January 5, 2015

Pillow Type Comparison

Click on a pillow type below for more information, including pillow brand / model ratings based on actual consumer experiences.

Down Alt. Down Feather Latex Memory Foam Micro bead Poly-
sample 1853 3609 1331 3610 3621 4668 589 2691 2277
Owner satisfaction B B- C c- B- c d C+ c
Durable b- c b b- B+ c c- c c+
affordable d B+ d a d c+ b a- B-
Pain reduction b+ c c+ c b+ b c+ c+ b+
Supportive a c c- c+ b b b- c+ b
Moldable b a- b+ b- d+ d+ b+ C+ d-
Cuddly d a- a b c+ c+ c b- c-
Won't clump/Shift d- c- c c+ a a c d c
Back sleep friendly b b b b- c+ B c b b
Front sleep friendly c b- b c+ c D+ c c+ c-
Side sleep friendly c+ b- b b- b c+ b- b- b
No noise d b b d a b c- b c-
Lightweight D c a- b d+ c- b- c+ f
No odor c- b- c- d c- d- d+ a- b
not hot b+ b c+ B b c- b+ c+ b
reduces snoring b+ c- c- c b b- b c b
fewer allergies b c+ c c b+ b- b c- b-
No need to fluff c d+ d- d a a b- b- b
cleaning ease c- b c- c- c C c+ b+ c
Firmness firm soft-
soft- med med- soft med med- firm firm- med med med
Adjustable Loft yes no no no no no no no yes

Pillows For The Body

See comparisons for top-rated full-body, wedge, and neck (travel) pillows based on over 11,000 consumer experiences.

About Our Unbiased Pillow Research

Our research findings are based on over 35,000 pillow owner reviews and experiences collected using an unbiased, accurate methodology.

Sleep Like The Dead receives NO compensation of any kind from any company, organization or individual to affect in any way or degree the content of our research.

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Sleep Like The Dead Editor Discusses Pillow Type Pros and Cons

Summary of Pillow Type Pros and Cons

Buckwheat Pillows

Pros: Generally supportive and contouring • above-average potential for neck pain relief • height / loft adjustable by adding or removing hulls • good air flow

Cons: Too firm for some • some noise • too small for some • somewhat heavy • odor possible • may need to experiment to determine right fill quantity

Read detailed buckwheat pillow reviews & ratings based on 1,700 actual owner experiences.

Down Alternative "Gel" Pillows

Pros: Generally soft • reasonably priced • cuddly • moldable / scrunchable

Cons: May lack adequate support and firmness • questionable longevity • clumping / lumpiness possible with age • may require regular fluffing / shaking

Read detailed down alternative "gel" pillow reviews & ratings based on over 3,600 actual owner experiences.

Down Pillows

Pros: Soft • cuddly • scrunchable • lightweight • durable • quiet

Cons: Can lack adequate loft and support • initial odor possible • can be pricey • may need to be fluffed / shaken regularly • down may escape case

Read detailed down pillow reviews & ratings based on 1,331 actual owner experiences.

Feather Pillows

Pros: Soft • moldable • cuddly • fairly long-lasting and durable • often inexpensive

Cons: Can lack adequate support and loft • quills may poke through cover • some noise / rustling • need to fluff / shake to maintain loft and comfort • odor possible

Read detailed feather pillow reviews & ratings based on 3,610 actual owner experiences.

Latex Pillows

Pros: Good mix of softness and support • usually holds shape • often effective at pain relief • won’t clump or develop hollow spots

Cons: May have initial odor • may flatten somewhat over time • can be pricey • can feel unnatural to some • often heavy

Read detailed latex pillow reviews & ratings based on 3,621 actual owner experiences.

Memory Foam Pillows

Pros: Good compromise between soft and supportive • above-average pain relief potential • contoured support • quiet • contents won't clump or shift • easy to care for

Cons: Initial off gassing odor possible • loft / support may not suit individual needs • too firm for some • may act as heat trap

Read detailed memory foam pillow reviews & ratings based on 4,668 actual owner experiences.

Microbead Pillows

Pros: Generally supportive and conforming • can be effective at pain relief (especially neck and shoulder) • good air flow

Cons: Too firm for some • off gassing odor potential • durability questionable

Read detailed microbead pillow reviews & ratings based on 589 actual owner experiences.

Polyester Pillows

Pros: Often inexpensive • easy to care for • no odor likely

Cons: Can be lumpy • contents may shift and develop hollow spots • fair longevity at best

Read detailed polyester pillow reviews & ratings based on 2,681 actual owner experiences.

Water-base Pillows

Pros: Pain relief ability • contouring support • adjustable loft and firmness • few odor and heat complaints

Cons: Heavy when filled • possible noise issues • need to experiment to determine right water amount to suit individual preference • average durability

Read detailed water pillow review & ratings based on 2,277 actual owner experiences.

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