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Mattress Rotating and Flipping Comparison

Based on Data From 21,582 Actual Mattress Owners

Updated July 5, 2015

"Need to rotate / flip" or "ease of maintenance" in our research refers to whether a mattress can or needs to be rotated (moving the head of a mattress to the foot) and / or flipped to help maintain comfort and support.

The chart below shows how mattress types compare on this issue based on owner experiences. Keep in mind that this represents what is often but not always the case; a particular brand, model or individual mattress may go against these findings somewhat.

mattress rotating comparison
* applies to comfort layer only.

mattress flipping comparison
* applies to comfort layer only.


The core of the beds (in other words, the air chambers) do not need to be flipped / rotated to avoid sagging and loss of support. However, some models have toppers that can and should be rotated / flipped periodically to avoid uneven wear / compression. The toppers are usually not heavy and can be rotated / flipped by one person.

Memory foam and Latex

These mattresses can benefit from rotating, owner experience data suggests, despite claims from some manufacturers that it is not necessary. Given the potentially heavy weight of these mattresses, rotating can be difficult and require more than one person. In regard to flipping, most models have a no-flip one-sided design. A small number of owners, neverthless, flip their mattress in an attempt to combat sagging.


These mattresses can also benefit from being rotated. Given their potentially heavy weight, rotating can be difficult and require more than one person. In regard to flipping, most models have a no-flip one-sided design, but two-sided models are sometimes available.


Waterbeds do not need to be rotated / flipped.


Futon mattresses may require fairly regular rotating / flipping, especially those models with cotton / fiber contents.

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