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October 16, 2014

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Inexpensive • above-average owner satisfaction when used occasionally or temporarily • can be both bed and sofa when placed on futon frame • popular among college students, small-apartment dwellers or anyone wanting convertible furniture.

THE BAD: Average-at-best durability / longevity • initial odor potential • some models too thin / firm for some.

THE COMPETITION: Temporary-use air beds as well as low-priced memory foam mattresses and low-priced innerspring beds (especially Ikea mattresses). See the mattress type comparison for how futons compare to other bed types.

Futon Mattress Ratings: By Type

The table below rates and compares the three main futon mattress types based on over 3,000 actual consumer experiences:

  Inner-spring Foam / Cotton Cotton comment
Owner satis- faction b- c+ c Futon mattresses overall have 74% owner satisfaction. (74 out of 100 based on 3218 reviews.)
Durable / lifespan c d+ d Durability is below average compared to most other mattress types. Innerspring futon mattresses likely last somewhat longer than the other varieties. Expect a 2-4 year lifespan with regular use.
Price a- a a+ $90-$900 is the range for a full-size futon mattress (not including frame). The average price paid is about $173.
Less pain / pressure points c c- d Reduced pain (including back pain) and decreased pressure points are reported by about 10% of owners. 15% report that their futon causes pain, usually due to excessive firmness, thinness and lumpiness.
Thick- ness variety b c d Innerspring futon beds are often available in thickness of 5-12 inches, while foam/cotton and cotton types tend to have less variety.
Firmness variety c+ c- d- Most futon mattresses tend to be more firm than soft. Thicker varieties tend to be softer.
No initial odor d d d+ 15-20% of futon mattress owners report an initial smell of a chemical or musty nature. The odor often largely dissipates within days.
Not a heat trap b+ b+ a Heat issues are generally not a problem, but models with memory foam may be an exception.
Back sleep friendly b- c+ c The beds tend to perform about average for back sleepers.
Side sleep friendly c+ c d A significant number of side sleepers are dissatisfied due to excessive firmness. Thicker futons will likely provide more comfort.
Front sleep friendly b- c+ c The beds tend to perform about average for stomach sleepers.
No noise c a a Models with springs may creak, squeak and pop. Other types are largely silent.
Large person friendly C- D+ d Futon mattresses are best suited for small to average sized people. Less-than-10" thick models especially may lack comfort, support and durability for people 180+ lbs.
Good for sex b- c d+ Innerspring futons rate highest due to their bouncing effect and overall comfort. Cotton futons may lack adequate thickness which can limit comfort and position variety.
Low mainten-
c d+ d Futons benefit from being turned and or flipped to avoid uneven wear / sagging. Cotton futons may benefit from being aired out on occasion.
Weight c+ b- a- Futon mattresses on average weigh about 50 lbs which is less than most other bed types.
Easily folded for sitting c- c+ a- About 7% of owners, especially owners of innerspring futons, report difficulty putting the mattress into a seated position on a futon frame. As the mattress breaks in, however, this task tends to become easier.
Warranty d+ d d- Warranty tends to be a weakness. Innerspring futons on average have a 4-year warranty; foam/cotton futons on average a 3-year; cotton futons on average a 1-year.

Top-Rated Futon Mattresses

The table below rates and compares only those futon mattresses that rate highest in owner satisfaction based on at least 100 owner experiences.

Information below regarding firmness is based on what tends to be true for most owners. Your personal evaluation may differ. Additional retailers to consider beyond those mentioned include Thefutonshop.com, Futonland.com and Futonplanet.com

6" Or 8" Futon Mattress (DHP) Blazing Needles Futon Mattress 8 Inch Loft Cotton/foam Microfiber Traditional Japanese Floor Futon
Owner Satisfaction (Sample)      
82% (2168) 80% (422) 80% (309) 83% (122)
$110-$150 $135-$190
$202 $90
innerspring foam / cotton foam / cotton cotton
6", 8" 8", 9", 10" 8" 3"
med - firm med - firm med - firm firm
Main Complaints
(% of owners)
initial odor (16%),
8" may be difficult to fold for sitting (5%)
thinner than 10" (11%),
initial odor (10%)
thinner than 8" (10%),
initial odor (11%)
initial odor (11%),
too small (6%)
overstock, amazon overstock amazon
Return Policy      
30-day (amazon),
90-day (walmart)
30 day 30 day 30 day
Sold at walmart.com under name 6" futon innerspring mattress and 8" futon coil mattress. Comes in several colors. May need regular flipping. Comes in brown or grey. Can roll up. Comes in several colors.

Futon Mattress Thickness

Owner satisfaction tends to increase as futon mattress thickness increases. A lack of thickness can result in excessive firmness and cause a person to feel the futon frame under the mattress as well as any springs inside.

Thicker models, however, are more expensive and can be more difficult to fold for use on a convertible futon frame.

An average-sized adult, owner experience data suggests, is more satisfied with 6-inch or greater thickness, while a heavier adult is more satisfied with 8-inch or greater thickness. Children and teens, given their lower weight, or anyone who prefers a firm mattress can be satisfied with less than 6-inches thickness.

Futon Mattress Uses

Futon mattresses overall are used less often by their owners than other mattress types. As the chart below shows, only about 55% of owners use their futon mattress regularly over an extended period.

In addition, only about half of owners use their mattress with a futon frame (a frame that can convert from a sleeping position to a sitting position). The other half place their mattress on a regular bed frame, platform, or directly onto the floor; a foundation or box spring is sometimes used in these cases.

futon mattress uses

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About Our Unbiased Futon Mattress Reviews and Research

Our futon mattress ratings are based on at least 3,000 futon consumer reviews gather from diverse, credible sources including review sections on retailer websites. Learn more about our research methodology.

What Is a Futon?

– "Futon" is the word Americans use to refer to the traditional Japanese bed. A traditional futon is essentially a thin mat filled with textile batting that is laid directly on the floor.

– The American futon is thicker and can contain cotton/blend batting, foam, springs or a combination thereof.

– A futon mattress can be placed on a bed frame, directly on the floor, or on a wooden or metal futon frame.

– A futon frame can be converted from a sitting to a lying position. In other words, it can serve as a chair or sofa during the day and then convert to a bed at night, thereby maximizing space.

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