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On This Page: 16 Research Findings You Should Know

Mattress Research Findings
1. Owner satisfaction
2. Prices
3. Pain relief
4. Buying online
5. New vs traditional brands
6. Firmness
7. Longevity / lifespan
8. Heat retention
9. Motion isolation
10. Initial odor
11. Weight
12. Pillow tops
13. Sex
14. Large & small people
15. Warranties
16. Returns

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Mattress Comparison

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Top Four Ways Mattress Companies Deceive You

When visiting mattress company websites, be aware of the following:

1. Customer satisfaction ratings are overstated.
2. Reviews can be for a mattress that no longer really exists.
3. Exaggeration and hype are common.
4. No disclosure is given about “expert reviewers.”

Know THE FULL STORY to avoid getting duped.

Mattress Owner Satisfaction

Do not assume that you will be satisfied with a top-rated mattress type or brand. Learn about a bed's characteristics, pros & cons before purchase to ensure that it suits you personally.

Avg model
under $500
Avg model
Avg model
Avg model

Mattress Type Ratings

Select a mattress type for detailed analysis and ratings.

Mattress Type
Owner Satisfaction
Memory Foam

See the mattress types compared in 24 additional ways.

Mattress Brand Ratings

The chart below includes many of the more popular and / or widely available brands (in alphabetical order). Select a brand for detailed ratings.

Mattress Brand
Owner Satisfaction
Brooklyn Bedding
Comfort Dreams
King Koil
Loom & Leaf
Nest Bedding
Sealy (innerspring)
Serta (innerspring)
Serta (memory foam)
Signature Sleep
Simmons (innerspring)
Sleep Number
Stearns & Foster
Tempur-Pedic    81%
Tuft & Needle    80%

COMPARE ABOVE MATTRESSES AND MORE in our side-by-side mattress comparison.

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Do You Really Need A New Mattress?

To soften or revitalize an existing mattress, consider a topper. A topper can provide the benefits of a new mattress for a fraction of the cost. See our mattress topper reviews based on over 52,000 owner experiences.

Mattress Prices

Mattress Prices Overall

  Average Price (queen) Median / Middle Price (queen) Most Common Price (queen) Price Range (twin to king)
All mattresses $1520 $1200 $1000 $100 - $10,000+

Prices By Mattress Type

  Average Price (queen) Median / Middle Price (queen) Most Common Price (queen) Price Range (twin to king)
Innerspring $950 $900 $1200 $100 - $10,000+
Memory Foam $1150 $1000 $1100 $100 - $8600
Hybrid $1700 $1600 $1000 $200 - $5100
Latex $2100 $1800 $2000 $800 - $6700
Air $2500 $1700 $1700 $500 - $5800

Low- Vs Mid- Vs High-Priced Mattresses

The following table compares low-, mid-, and high-priced mattresses on key criteria. The following is true for the price categories overall; a particular brand or model may differ.

(up to $700 queen)
($700-$1800 queen)
($1800+ queen)
Owner satisfaction 68% / 89%* 74% 75%
Lifespan 5.3 year avg 7 year avg 8 year avg
Availability mostly online stores and online stores and online
% of Owners Using For Daily Adult Use / Light Use* 63% / 37% 83% / 17% 94% / 6%
Large person (230+ lbs) friendly poor to acceptable acceptable to good mostly good
Materials and design mostly simple mix of simple and advanced often advanced
Thickness often 6-13 inches often 10-15 inches often 11-17 inches
Firmness often med to firm soft to firm soft to firm
% of Owners Needing To Add Topper 15% 11% 8%
Warranty 9 year avg 13 year avg 12 year avg

* Light use includes temporary, occasional adult use and daily child / teen use.

ALSO SEE our mattress price comparison (sortable).

Mattress Types & Pain Relief / Prevention

Those mattress types that provide above-average support, pressure relief, and durability are less likely to cause back, hip, and shoulder pain.

mattress discomfort comparison chart

SEE THE FULL ANALYSIS at our mattresses and (back) pain relief research.

Buying A Mattress Online Vs Store Buying

Buying a mattress online has important similarities and differences to buying in a store.

  Buying Online Buying From Store  
Try before buy D a Manufacturers that sell online seldom have their mattresses available in stores to try before purchase.
Satisfaction likelihood C c+ All other things equal, owner satisfaction rates are mostly similar whether the mattress is bought online untried or from a store following a try out session.
Price b C- Purchasing a mattress online can save as much as 20%.
Durable B C Consumers often report better durability and long-term comfort from mattresses bought online.
Customer service B+ C Customer service from online mattress retailers tends to be better in every way.
Full service delivery D+ A- While some online retailers offer full service delivery, FedEx or UPS is often the delivery method. Full service delivery is usually offered by store retailers.
Old bed removal D A- Unlike store retailers, online mattress retailers seldom offer old mattress removal.
Easy returns c+ B+ Return ease and convenience can vary significantly for online mattress retailers.
Return cost B+ C- Returns fees for store retailers tend to be more common as well as more substantial.

SEE THE FULL ANALYSIS at our buying a mattress online: what to know research.

New Vs Traditional Mattress Brands

The mattress industry has changed significantly in the past five years.

This change is due to the emergence of many new mattress brands / companies, most of which operate exclusively online. Notable examples include Casper, Leesa, Tuft & Needle, and Purple.

These new mattress brands differ from the older, established and traditional brands – such as Serta, Sealy, Simmons, Tempur-Pedic, Sleep Number – in many ways as indicated below.

  Newer Brands Older Brands  
Time in business D+ A The traditional brands have been around for decades, while the newer brands on average are about three years old.
Available in stores D A Newer brand mattresses are sold almost exclusively online vs older brand mattresses which are sold mostly in stores.
Owner satisfaction B- C On average, newer brand mattresses have 78% owner satisfaction vs 73% for older brand.
Mattress longevity C+ c Durability / longevity for newer brand mattresses tends to be at least fair. For older brand mattresses, it is on average about fair but can vary considerably by brand
Price b C- On average, newer brand mattresses cost about $900 vs about $1800 for older brand.
Perceived value B- C- Older brand mattresses tend to have lower perceived value due mainly to their above average prices and often questionable lifespan.
Model variety C- A The newer brands usually offer one to three models – in contrast to older brands which offer more.
Customer service A- C The newer brands usually place emphasis on providing strong customer service.
Old mattress removed D A- Newer brand mattresses usually are delivered via FedEx or UPS meaning they don't often offer old mattress removal.
No-strings full money back A D+ Older brand mattresses are more likely to incur a fee for a return.
Specs disclosed B D+ The newer brands tend to be more open about the specifications of their mattresses, such as layer thickness, material composition, and weight.
Marketing sophis- tication A- C+ The newer brands tend to place high emphasis on marketing which includes defining a target consumer and creating compelling websites and messaging.
Marketing accuracy C- B The newer brands are more likely to use exaggerated claims to describe their beds such as "perfect," "world's best," and "universal appeal."

Mattress Firmness Guide

For People of Average Size (130-230 Pounds)

The following shows the firmness level that tends to be suitable for average-sized people depending on their body type; your own personal preference may differ.

  Side Sleep Back Sleep Stomach Sleep
About equally wide shoulders, waist & hips medium to
medium-firm medium to
Wide waist with less broad shoulders & hips medium-firm medium-firm To firm medium to medium-firm
Wide hips with less wide waist & shoulders medium-soft
to medium-firm
medium-firm medium-firm
Wide shoulders with less wide waist & hips medium medium
to medium-firm
medium to
Wide shoulders & wide hips with less wide waist medium-soft
to medium-firm
to medium-firm
medium to

SEE THE FULL ANALYSIS as well as firmness suggestions for people of above- and below-average size at our mattress firmness guide.

Mattress Longevity

Mattress longevity or lifespan can vary especially by mattress type.

mattress longevity comparison

SEE THE FULL ANALYSIS at our mattress longevity comparison.

Mattress Heat Retention

At least 8% of people report that their mattress holds heat and sleeps hot to a degree that undermines sleep quantity / quality. Some mattress types have more heat-trap potential than others.

mattress heat retention comparison

SEE THE FULL ANALYSIS at our mattress heat retention research.

Mattress Motion Isolation

A mattress with motion isolation localizes or absorbs a person's movement, such as getting in / out of bed and changing of positions. A mattress lacking motion isolation sends a person's movement across the bed to possible disturb their partner.

mattress motion transfer comparison

SEE THE FULL ANALYSIS at our mattress motion isolation comparison.

Mattress Off Gassing

Off gassing is an odor or gas that a mattress may release when unpackaged due to its chemical composition. Some mattress types are more likely than others to have a problem.

mattress type out gassing comparison

SEE THE FULL ANALYSIS at our mattress off gassing odor research.

Mattress Weight

The different mattress types can vary considerably in weight.

The advantages of a heavy mattress is that the mattress often feels and looks substantial and expensive. A heavy mattress is also more planted and less likely to move on its base requiring adjustment. The disadvantages of a heavy mattress is that they are comparatively difficult to transport, move, maneuver and handle especially for one person. Heavy mattresses are also often more expensive to ship.

mattress weight comparison

SEE THE FULL ANALYSIS at our mattress weight research.

Pillow Top vs Non-Pillow Top Mattresses

The following table compares pillow top and non-pillow top mattresses based on actual consumer experiences. The findings apply mostly to innerspring mattresses.

  Pillow TOP non- pillow top  
Longevity/ durability d c 30% or more of pillow top mattress owners report significant sagging taking place within three years vs about 17% for non-pillow top mattress owners.
Support C B- Pillow top sagging can undermine support and cause back pain. Edge support can be lacking for pillow top mattresses, especially softer models with thicker tops; eurotops (tops that taper near the edges) perform better.
Easy to maintain d c+ Pillow top beds often require more (head to foot) rotation to maintain proper support / comfort and avoid sagging.
Affordable c- B- Pillow top beds are on average at least 25% pricier than non-pillow top beds.
Conforms / adaptive B D+ Pillow tops are more likely to contour well to one's body and thereby reduce pressure and excessive firmness – especially for side sleep.
Side sleep friendly B C Side sleepers – especially those of average to below-average size – tend to be more satisfied with pillow top beds at least initially as they usually provide the softness that these sleepers prefer.
No sleeping hot c- b- About 9% of pillow top bed owners vs about 5% of non-pillow top bed owners report bothersome heat retention.
Easy to move on D+ B Soft pillow top beds with at least two inches of memory foam can provide significant resistance to changing positions and getting up.

SEE THE FULL ANALYSIS at our mattress top comparison.

Mattress Types and Sex Suitability

The different mattress types can have good, fair, and poor aspects in regard to romance friendliness.

  Air Foam Hybrid Inner Spring Latex Memory Foam
Bounce C+ C+ C- A- B D-
Comfort C+ B A- D+ B+ B-
No noise / quiet D+ A B+ C- B+ A
Ease of moving on B B- C- A- C+ D
Position variety C C+ A- B- B- C-
Entire top suitable D+ C- B+ C B- C-
Holds up to use D+ B C+ D+ B+ A-
Cleanup ease B D D D C- D
Total rating C C+ B- B- B- C-

SEE THE FULL ANALYSIS at our mattresses and sex research.

Mattresses For Large & Small People

Among other factors, mattress thickness is an important attribute that small and large people should consider.

Mattress Thickness Large People Small People
6 inches poor good to fair
8 inches fair to poor good
10 inches good to fair good to fair
11 inches good good to fair
12 inches good fair
13+ inches good fair to poor

SEE THE FULL ANALYSIS at our mattress guide for large & small people.

Mattress Warranties

The useful lifespan of a mattress tends to be a fraction of its warranty length.

Warranty Length Average Lifespan of Mattress
5 years 4.6 years
10 years 7.1 years
20 years 8.1 years

SEE THE FULL ANALYSIS at our mattress warranties: what to know research.

Mattress Returns

The main reason people seek to return their mattress is due to its firmness being unsuitable for one's personal preference, body type, and or sleep position. Less common reasons include heat retention, bothersome off gassing odor, and unsuitability for romance.

Chart: Main reasons for seeking a mattress return

top reason to seek mattress return

SEE THE FULL STORY AND ANALYSIS at our returning a mattress: what to know research.

How To Best Use This Site For Mattress Research

The best place to start your research is the page you are on right now – or the mattress comparisons page – specifically the mattress type comparison. Once you have chosen a type, then choose a brand and model of that type. Then, if necessary, choose a seller of the mattress from the retailer comparison.

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