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THE GOOD: Often has effective mix of softness and support • cuddly with fair or better moldability • value priced • short break in.

THE BAD: May lack adequate support and firmness for some • durability / longevity no better than fair • regular fluffing may be needed to maintain loft • some lumpiness possible.

THE PILLOWS: Down alternative pillows are filled with polyester "puff" fibers which give them a feel somewhat similar to that of down pillows but without allergy risk.

THE COMPETITION: Mainly down pillows and feather pillows. See how they compare to these and other pillow types in the pillow reviews – summary.

Down Alternative Pillow Ratings: As a Group

The ratings below show how down alternative pillows overall compare to the average pillow as evaluated by consumers. For ratings on specific brands, see the following section.

Affordable A- Prices range $15-$24 for a single pillow (but they are often sold in pairs) with the average down alternative pillow costing about $21. Given their low price and respectable owner satisfaction, value is good.
Durability / longevity c- Expect a 2-3 year lifespan with regular use in most cases. As the pillow ages, it will flatten and possibly develop clumps and hollow areas.
Less (neck) pain c Pain relief provided is about average with 8% of owners reporting reduced (neck) pain. Three percent of owners say the pillow causes pain usually due usually to lack of support.
Support c- A lack of adequate support is the main owner complaint as 15% or more want better, longer-lasting support.
Moldable B Softer varieties especially can often be scrunched at least somewhat to provide extra support.
Cuddly B A "cuddly" pillow is soft and huggable – not hard, rigid, stiff or too heavy. A down alternative pillow's softness helps it to perform well on this issue.
Contents won't shift / clump c- A main complaint for down alternative as at least 7% of owners report lumpiness / clumpiness.
Short break in B+ The break-in period tends to be fairly short compared to other pillow types and is usually pain free.
Reduces snoring C- Firmer, more supportive, better contouring pillows tend to perform better.
Back sleep friendly b Scrunching of the pillow may be required to achieve adequate loft.
Side sleep friendly b+ Firmer down alternative pillows tend to provide the loft and support that side sleepers need. Alternatively, scrunching a soft down alternative pillow may achieve adequate loft.
Stomach sleep friendly b- Stomach sleepers can be pleased if the pillow has medium to soft firmness and low to medium loft.
No initial odor b Complaints about odor exist but are not common.
Not a heat trap b Owners are usually pleased with air flow as less than 4% of owners report excessive heat retention.
No noise C Noise from the internal contents or cover / lining can occasionally be an issue as about 5% of owners report a problem.
Fewer allergies B- Down alternative pillows are hypoallergenic, but they are susceptible to dust mites given their fibrous content.
Small person friendly B Softer varieties tend to be best suited for people under 130 pounds.
Large person friendly C Firmer, loftier / thicker varieties often provide superior support for people 230+ pounds than do softer, thinner ones.
Easy to maintain d+ They will likely need at least occasional shaking / fluffing to maintain loft and comfort.
Easily / thoroughly washable b+ They are often machine washable.
Lightweight B- They weigh about 2.5 pounds on average which makes them easy to lift, turn, move.

Top-Rated Down Alternative Pillows

The table below evaluates down alternative pillows with 85% or higher satisfaction based on at least 700 owner experiences. Information regarding firmness, loft, person size, and sleep position shows what tends to be true for owners; your own personal evaluation may differ.

Beckham Hotel Sleep Restoration Premier Down Like Langria
Owner Satisfaction (sample)      
89% (4,225) 85% (2972) 85% (3664)
85% (740)
2 for $33-$50 2 for $35-$49 2 for $33
2 for $30
medium medium choice of soft, medium, firm
medium medium-high medium-low
Person Size Best Suited For*      
avg, small avg, large avg, small avg, small
Sleeping Position(s) Best Suited For*      
back, side, perhaps stomach back, side, perhaps stomach back: medium,
side: medium to firm,
stomach: soft
back, side, stomach
Scrunchable / Moldable      
good to fair good to fair good to fair good
Sizes Available      
standard, queen, king standard, queen, king standard queen
Pillow Weight      
3 lbs 3.1 lbs 1.3-1.8 lbs 2 lbs
amazon amazon amazon

* See the pillow loft guide and loft calculators.

Description of Lying on a Down Alternative Pillow

Below are the most common ways owners use to describe lying on their down alternative / gel pillow.

down alternative pillow

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