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Having the right sleep product – such as the right mattress, topper or pillow – can make a world of difference in your sleep quality and, therefore, your life quality.

Sadly, however, finding trustworthy sleep product reviews today is difficult as so many reviewers have a financial / commission relationship with sleep product companies.

Why Trust Sleep Like The Dead

No Direct Relationship With Sleep Product Companies (Or Retailers)

Since we began reviewing sleep products in 2008, Sleep Like The Dead has never had a direct financial relationship with a sleep product company, including a mattress company. This means three things:

1. We have never received commission in any way from a sleep product company. You will not find on this site a referral / affiliate link, coupon, discount, giveaway, disclosure, or any other sign of a commission relationship.
2. We have never accepted anything financial or material from a sleep product company, including a free product to be evaluated. (Any product we evaluated was purchased by us.)
3. We have never had any type of partnership with a sleep product company, nor are we owned or have we ever been owned in any part by a sleep product company.

Responsibility Before Revenue

Sleep Like The Dead could make far more revenue than we do now by having direct financial relationships with sleep product companies. So why don't we have such relationships? (All of our competitors do except Consumer Reports.) It certainly isn't due to sleep product companies not trying to forge such relationships with us. You should see our inbox!

The answer is that our unwaivering mission is to help the consumer the best we can by telling the truth the best we can. We know that this can only be achieved by being FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT from sleep product companies. In other words, our purpose is to be a true consumer advocate, not a marketing tool of sleep product companies masquerading as one. We want to make a positive difference in the world, not merely line our pockets.

A Revenue Source That Maintains Our Independence

We use advertising to generate revenue to fund our research – and the ads are almost always for sleep products, especially mattresses. These ads are auto-generated and auto-selected by a third party – Google Ads – based on several factors. We have never selected the advertisers nor the ads that appear. In addition, any revenue we earn through the ads is paid to Sleep Like The Dead by Google, not by sleep product companies. In other words, despite the presence of sleep product advertising on our site, we remain financially independent from sleep product companies.


Finally, given that our product ratings are mostly based on multiple online public sources (not merely on our opinion or personal testing), the truthfulness of our findings can be independently verified by anyone with a computer and internet connection, given that they are willing to invest enough time and effort.

Sleep Like The Dead's History – Since 2008

I started this website in 2008 because I wanted to have an outlet for my passion and interest in sleep.

I can truly appreciate a good night's sleep because I have not always been able to get one. I was an insomniac for over 10 years. I had bouts that lasted months in which I did not get more than a couple hours of sleep a night. You can read my whole story and what I did about it.

Sleep Like The Dead started small but now evaluates and rates hundreds of sleep products based on over 390,000 actual consumer experiences.

On our site, you'll find several categories of sleep-related products for which we provide up-to-date and comprehensive ratings, including mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, white noise machines, bedding, sleep hygiene products and more.

We've had millions of visitors since 2008, and our findings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, Barron's, Chicago Tribune, USA Today (The Best), St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Toronto Star among many others.

Most importantly, judging by the tons of unsolicited praise we get from visitors, we have helped many people sleep better and avoid sleep-product buying mistakes.

Going Forward

Now and for the future I promise that Sleep Like The Dead will continue to be a truthful, independent and unbiased source of helpful information for those seeking better sleep.

Nick Robinson
Creator, Editor and Publisher
Sleep Like The Dead

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To be a true consumer advocate, not a marketing tool of sleep product companies masquerading as one.

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