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THE GOOD: Health, comfort and convenience benefits • many model / price options • generally high owner satisfaction.

THE BAD: Poor or non-existent return policies • can break / stop working • so-so warranty coverage • heavy • some noise.

THE BEDS: Adjustable bed bases can raise a person's torso and or legs. Available features to enhance comfort & convenience include massage, position presets, nightlight, USB port among others. 2-piece split models allow each person to control their own half of bed.

THE ALTERNATIVE: Wedge pillows can be a cheap alternative to adjustable beds.

THE RESEARCH: This page rates only adjustable bed bases / foundations – not adjustable beds as a whole, meaning not the mattress. (See mattress reviews.) Ratings are based on 1,750+ consumer reviews collected using an unbiased methodology.

Adjustable Bed Base Ratings – Overall

The ratings below show how adjustable bed bases overall rate in comparison to conventional / non-adjustable bed bases.

Owner satisfaction B Adjustable bed bases overall have 87% owner satisfaction. The various brands / models tend to rate fairy similar.
Health benefits A At least 25% of owners report at least one health benefit from their adjustable bed, including relief from GERD / reflux disease, poor circulation, insomnia, sleep apnea, swollen legs, arthritis, breathing difficulties, snoring, fibromyalgia, leg cramps, asthma, back / shoulder and neck pain, restless leg syndrome, and COPD.
Comfort and conven- ience A At least 30% of owners report at least one comfort or convenience benefit. Being able to sit up in bed allows for one to comfortably watch TV, work, read, breast feed and get on and up off the bed easily.
Affordable D+ Prices range $200 to $3,000 with the average model costing about $1150. Some retailers may charge a high markup so it often pays to shop around. A larger size and more features usually mean a higher price. Long-term cost of ownership can be substantial as the limited warranties often require owners to at least partially pay for any repairs after as little as one year.
Durable / reliable D+ 20%+ of owners report over course of ownership at least one breakdown requiring repair. A breakdown can render the bed unusable or uncomfortable until repaired.
Couple friendly B- Queen- and king-size adjustable bed bases are available in a split design which allows each side of the bed to be adjusted independent of the other. The downside of a split bed, say at least 15% of owners, is that the middle area can have somewhat of a gap which can be unfriendly for spooning or cuddling even when both sides have the same adjustment. (The gap is necessary to prevent excessive wear.)
Compatible with all mattresses c- (Memory) foam, latex and air mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases. Innerspring mattresses with pocket coils are often compatible, but not those with a border wire / rod. Thick mattresses (12"+) may lack flexibility to bend easily with the base. Talk with your adjustable bed retailer to ensure your mattress is compatible.
Massage B+ About half of models have massage (for legs and torso). Thick and or dense mattresses reduce message sensation as does having the base adjusted at a steep angle.
No noise D+ Almost all adjustable beds use electric motors to raise / lower the mattress. About 15% of owners complain of excessive noise from these motors. The massage function also produces some noise. Squeaking / creaking from the base is possible but not common.
No odor D+ Unlike conventional bed bases, adjustable bases may for a short time give off an odor. At least 4% of owners report a problem.
Base stays in place C- The base may move even if the wheels are locked. Some owners use caster cups to keep the wheels from moving.
No assembly required C- Some limited assembly may be required. Most owners report spending no more than two hours on assembly. For an additional charge (about $100-$150), white glove delivery and assembly may be available.
Easy to maintain C Little, if any, ongoing or regular upkeep is required for the base itself. (The mattress may require occasional to regular adjustment.)
Easy to handle, move, transport d- Heavy weight is a main owner complaint as the average weight of a queen adjustable base / foundation is about 160 pounds, and some can weigh over 300 lbs. Having casters on the legs makes movement possible but not necessarily easy especially on thick carpet. Cheaper models tend to be significantly lighter than pricier ones.
Warranties d+ Coverage may end in as little as three years for areas most likely to break such as electrical components and motors. Some retailers offer an extended warranty plan.
Return policies d- Generally, consumers should not have the expectation of being able to return an adjustable bed base. Local retailers may allow for an exchange only, and fees will likely apply. Internet retailers may accept returns for money back, but you will pay return (and perhaps original) shipping and or a restocking fee. This could add up to $400+.

Adjustable Bed Base Ratings, Specifications & Comparisons

Below are those adjustable bed base models that have at least 90% owner satisfaction based on a significant sample of owner experiences.

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HIGHEST RATED MODELS: PART 1 OF 2 (Sorted by price)

BedBoss Essential Pragmatic Lucid L100 Blissful Nights Basic
Owner Satisfaction (sample) 91%
Category low end low end low end low end
Price (twin to king) $210- $300 $362- $405 $330- $660 $400- $800
Quality / Reliability* good to fair good good to fair good
Head/Foot Degree of Adjustment 80 / 0° 80 / 30° 58 / 40° 65 / 35°
Hugs Wall no no no no
Remote wired wired wired wireless
Massage Function no no no no
Massage Rating -- -- -- --
1-touch Flat Preset no no no yes
Zero Gravity Preset no no no no
Anti-snore Preset no no no no
# of Custom Presets 0 0 0 0
Includes Headboard Brackets avail avail avail avail
Weight (lbs) 52-111 79-181 94-190 93-186
Weight Limit (lbs) 500 300-600 600 750
Head Tilt no no no no
Underbed Nightlight no no no no
Silent Alarm no no no no
Phone App no no no no
USB Port no no no no
Furniture appearance no no no no
Leg Height(s) 12" (est) 8" (est) 12" 3", 6", 9", 12"
Warranty* good to fair poor fair to poor fair
Notable Retailer(s) amazon walmart .com walmart .com

  BedBoss Essential Pragmatic Lucid L100 Blissful Nights Basic

* compared to the average adjustable bed base.

HIGHEST RATED MODELS: PART 2 OF 2 (Sorted by price)

Lucid L300 BedBoss 604 Blissful Nights Sven and Son
Owner Satisfaction (sample) 94%
Category low end mid range mid range mid range
Price (twin to king) $450- $825 $450- $900 $600- $1130 $650- $1300
Quality / Reliability* good to fair good good good
Head/Foot Degree of Adjustment 60 / 45° 70 / 45° 65 / 35° 75 / 45°
Hugs Wall no no no no
Remote wireless wireless backlit wireless backlit wireless
Massage Function no yes yes yes
Massage Rating -- good good good
1-touch Flat Preset yes yes yes yes
Zero Gravity Preset no no yes yes
Anti-snore Preset no no yes yes
# of Custom Presets 1 3 3 2
Includes Headboard Brackets avail avail avail avail
Weight (lbs) 118-240 144-290 119-240 118-240
Weight Limit (lbs) 750 750 (est) 750 750
Head Tilt no no no no
Underbed Nightlight no no yes yes
Silent Alarm no no no no
Phone App no no no no
USB Port yes no yes yes
Furniture appearance no no no no
Leg Height(s) 12" 4.75", 8.25", 13" 3", 6", 9", 12" 12"
Warranty* fair good to fair fair good
Notable Retailer(s) walmart .com

amazon amazon amazon
  Lucid L300 BedBoss 604 Blissful Nights Sven and Son

* compared to the average adjustable bed base.

Adjustable Bed Base Models: Low-End vs Middle vs High-End

As the tables above indicate, adjustable bed bases are available in low-end, mid-range, and high-end models. The comparisons below discuss their features, similarities and differences.

Owner Satisfaction

Owner satisfaction tends to be higher for low-end and mid-range categories.

  Owner Satisfaction
Low-end good
Mid-range good to excellent
High-end good to fair

Reliability and Quality

High-end models tend to have somewhat inferior reliability due mainly to their more advanced and numerous features; their value is also questionable.

  Reliability and Quality
Low-end good to fair
Mid-range usually good
High-end good to fair


High- and mid-range models often have superior warranty coverage than low-end models.

Low-end 3-20 years / 1-3-year full coverage followed by decreasing coverage; certain parts often excluded after 3 years.
Mid-range 20-25 years / 1-2 years full coverage followed by decreasing coverage; certain parts often excluded after 3-5 years.
High-end 20-40 years / 1-5 years full coverage often followed by decreasing coverage.


An adjustable bed is usually operated by a hand-held controller. Some controllers are wired, others are wireless. Wired controllers have the advantage of not getting lost and not needing batteries. The advantage of wireless is more freedom of movement. Also, some controllers are backlit, while others are not. A backlit controller has the advantage of being operated easily in the dark. The advantage of a non-backlit controller is that it will emit no light to possibly interfere with sleep.

Low-end wired or wireless
Mid-range usually wireless and backlit
High-end wireless and backlit


High- and mid-range models are more likely to have various preset automatic position adjustments such as programmable memory positions.

Low-end one-touch flat in some cases
Mid-range usually one-touch flat, zero gravity position, anti-snore, and programmable memory positions
High-end zero gravity position, one-touch flat button and programmable memory positions, additional presets are likely.


Many models come with built-in massage.

  Massage Included
Low-end usually no
Mid-range yes
High-end yes, sometimes with advanced features such as timer and silent alarm.

Wall Hugging Feature

Adjustable beds with a wall hugging feature lift a person on the bed up while gliding them back. This usually is effective in allowing a person to stay near to their night stand.

  Wall Hugging Feature Included
Low-end no
Mid-range sometimes
High-end yes


Adjustable bed base weight is substantial and tends to rise as price / features increase.

Low-end 47-210 lbs
Mid-range 85-300 lbs
High-end 140-380 lbs

Weight / Lift Capacity

Maximum weight capacity is often somewhat greater for higher-end bases.

  Lift Weight Capacity
Low-end 300-770 lbs
Mid-range 700-850 lbs
High-end 650-850 lbs

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