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April 7, 2017

Longevity or lifespan in our research refers to the length of a mattress's useful life – that is, how long it maintains at least some of its original comfort and support. Longevity / lifespan often has the same meaning as durability, but not always.

mattress lifespan comparison
* partial estimate.


Due to the design, construction and mechanical nature of airbeds, durability and longevity / lifespan must be evaluated separately.

Durability in our research refers to how well a mattress resists deteriorating, coming apart or breaking down. Airbeds, unlike other mattress types, are mechanical to an extent, and, as a result, more can conceivably go wrong with them such as leaks and air pump breakdowns. 25%+ of owners report the need to replace at least one part of the bed over the course of ownership. Consequently, airbeds tend to have no better than fair durability.

Longevity / Lifespan
Although airbeds have fair durability at best, they often have good longevity. This is because airbeds are modular in that they can be taken apart into their individual components. In other words, any part of most airbeds – including the air bladder, air pump and comfort layer – can often be easily fixed / replaced with a new part (usually at some cost to the airbed owner).

mattress lifespan comparison


Latex mattresses overall have good-to-fair longevity. They, like airbeds, are sometimes modular in that one or more layer of the mattress can be easily replaced. The main durability complaint by owners is that they can develop body impressions. These impressions, however, do not necessarily undermine general comfort and support, but they can impede ease of movement on the bed. Get more details.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses tend to have at least fair longevity. As a memory foam mattress ages and wears, it tends to become softer and lose resiliency or "memory." Sagging and or body impression development are also possible. Get more details.


Long-term owner experience data is limited for (memory foam / innerspring) hybrid mattresses. What data is available as well as data for other innerspring-based mattresses suggests no better than fair durability / longevity for the hybrid category in general.


Innerspring beds generally have less longevity than other mattress types because of their tendency to sag and develop body impressions. Those models with thick comfort layers / pillow tops tend to have the most problems with longevity. Get more details.


Futon mattresses tend to have below-average longevity. Innerspring-based and foam futons may last somewhat longer than other varieties, such as cotton.

Mattress Longevity / Lifespan and Price

Let us consider again the chart at the top of this page, but now factor in mattress price. Doing so reveals that there is a fairly clear correlation between price and longevity / lifespan. This is due mainly to the fact that – overall – higher priced mattresses are often made with more durable and or replaceable materials and design.

Avg model
under $500
Avg model
Avg model
Avg model

mattress lifespan comparison
* partial estimate.

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