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Does a choice of a whopping 15 models priced $1,000-$1,700 (queen) and ranging from medium-soft to firm sound good? Then Helix might be for you.

But if you seek a mattress that is proven and time tested, then you may want to look elsewhere.

All things considered, Sleep Like The Dead rates Helix a C+.

Helix Mattress Performance Ratings & Analysis

The ratings – based on the estimate of Sleep Like The Dead as well as 100+ consumer reviews gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology – show how Helix rates compared to the average mattress. Learn more how Helix compares in the side-by-side mattress comparison.

  STANDARD MODELS* LUXE MODELS* Standard models are all Helix models that are not designated Luxe models.
Owner satisfaction B- B Helix mattresses to date have 79% owner satisfaction. (Learn how this is determined.)
Time tested and proven D+ D+ Helix revised its mattresses in late 2018 – meaning that in their current configuration their performance is at least partially unproven.
Durability / longevity C B- Expected to be fair or better on average (6-8 year average lifespan).
Affordable B- D+ Standard models are $600-$1440 depending on size, while Luxe models are $1000-$2100. More.
Support C B+ Luxe models have over 30% more coils than standard models and will perform better. More.
Minimizes pressure B- B+ Can vary by model with softer models and Luxe models often performing better in regard to equalizing weight to minimize pressure points.
Less back pain C B (See mattresses & pain relief for general analysis.)
Easy to move on C+ C- Can vary by model with softer models and Luxe models tending to give more resistance in regard to changing positions and getting up off the bed.
Motion isolation B B+ The mattresses reduce but do not eliminate movement made by one person from transferring across the bed to another person.
Edge support B- B The mattresses have dedicated edge support which tends to allow for at least fair support for sitting and or sleeping at the edge. Firmer models perform somewhat better than softer models.
No initial off gassing B B- Less than 5% of owners (1 in 20) report a significant and enduring unpleasant initial odor.
No sleeping hot B- B Bothersome heat retention is reported by no more than 10% of owners. Softer models are probably more likely to retain heat than firmer ones. Nightfall is more likely to retain heat due to its higher density. (See heat retention for general analysis.)
Sex friendly B- B Pros: some bounce, edge support, and discreet (heavy, silent). Cons: support on standard models may not be ideal especially for large people. (See mattresses & sex for general analysis.)
No noise B+ B+ Mattresses with Helix's materials and construction tend to be mostly to entirely silent.
No topper needed B B Given the many models / comfort levels available, topper needs are not likely high.
Heavy person friendly C- B The luxe models and the Nightfall are potentially well suited for larger people (over 230 pounds). The other models likely less so.
Light person friendly B B- Can vary by model. People under 130 pounds are more likely to be satisfied with softer models, namely Sunset, Moonlight, and perhaps Midnight.
Tall person friendly C- A At 14" thick the luxe models are better suited to allow for tall people to easily get on and up off the mattress than the standard models at 10" thick.
Short person friendly B+ D+ At 10" thick the standard models are better suited to allow for shorter people to easily get on and up off the mattress than the luxe models at 14" thick.
Easy to lift, handle, move C- D+ 50-150 pounds depending on model and size. A standard queen weighs about 95 lbs, while a luxe queen weighs 140. There are handles on luxe models only. More.
OVERALL RATING C+ B- This rating is determined by averaging the above performance ratings.

* Most ratings are an estimate given the newness of the Helix lineup.

Helix Mattress Specifications Ratings & Analysis

The Helix is a spring-based made-in-USA mattress. Due to its memory foam content in most models, Helix can be considered a hybrid. The ratings – based on owner experiences and the evaluation of Sleep Like The Dead – show how Helix's materials and construction compare to the average mattress.

Cover C+ B+ Standard: polyester over Jersey knit (wool, cotton, synthetic fiber). Not a strong performer in regard to regulating temperature and minimizing heat.
Luxe: 98% polyester / 2% lycra with phase change material. Designed to to absorb and disperse heat to regulate temperature.
Top (and middle) layers C B Standard: Can consist of up to two of the following depending on model: 1) 1" to 2.7" of memory foam of 2.5 lb/ft density; 2) 1" to 2.5" of latex-like foam of 2.5 lb/ft; 3) polyfoam. These densities are low. (Nightfall uses denser versions of these foams). Learn about pros & cons of low density foam.
Luxe: Same as standard with addition of 1" gel memory foam of 2.5 lb/ft and 1" polyfoam middle layer with 1.8 lb/ft estimated.
Support layer C- B Standard: 6" pocket coils.
Luxe: 8" pocket coils with zoned support.
Coil count is below average for standard models and above average for Luxe models. More.
Base layer C C 1" to 1.8" of foam with an estimated density of 1.8 lb/ft.
OVERALL RATING C B This rating is determined by averaging the above specification ratings.

Helix Company Ratings and Analysis

The ratings below – based on consumer experiences and the evaluation of Sleep Like The Dead – show how Helix Sleep compares to the average mattress manufacturer.

Warranty B- Helix provides a 10 year non-prorated warranty for standard models and a 15 year for luxe model. 10 years is about average, while 15 years is better than average. (See mattress warranties: what to know.)
Return policy B 100-day, no-fee, 100%-money-back trial period. No prep for return ship is necessary, and a courier (if available in your area) removes the mattress from your home to be recycled / donated.
Customer service B Helix customer service is regarded by consumers to be above average but not flawless.
Marketing accuracy C Helix's marketing is general factual with limited hyperbole. The company, however, refers to several mattress review websites as seemingly unbiased, expert sources of praise for their mattresses; Helix fails to disclose that it has a financial / commission-paying relationship with these sites.
Access to customer reviews D Unlike most of its competitors, customer reviews are not sortable or filterable at the Helix website. This makes it difficult to access neutral or negative reviews. Reviews are not available at Amazon.
Integrity of customer reviews D Learn more.
Specs disclosed C By disclosing specifications, a company allows consumers to know what they are paying for and helps them to comparison shop. Layer thickness and coil count are available upon request but are not on Helix website. Foam density of the base layer is not available.
Time in business C- Helix began selling in August 2015. Buying from a less established company often comes with higher risk because the company has not had the time to smooth the kinks that come with offering a new product and operating a new business.
Number of BBB complaints B- Three complaints have been filed to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) against Helix Sleep in the past year which is fairly low for a mattress company of its size.
OVERALL RATING C This rating for Helix is determined by averaging the above company ratings.

Sleep Like The Dead (SLTD) Rating for Helix

SLTD RATING C+ SLTD (Sleep Like The Dead) rating for Helix is determined by averaging the performance, specification, and company ratings.

Integrity of Customer Reviews at

Below, Sleep Like The Dead comments on issues related to the integrity of customer reviews at

1. Customer ratings in total on Helix's website are about 12% higher than customer ratings in total at independent sources which is about average.

2. The support of the mattresses was recently changed from foam to springs, and other lesser changes were made. In other words, the mattresses are now essentially different from what they had been. Despite this, Helix appears to use hundreds of customer reviews for the previous mattresses as reviews for the current mattresses. In the opinion of Sleep Like The Dead, the reviews for the previous mattresses should be deleted, or Helix should make its visitors aware that the vast majority of the reviews are for different, previous mattresses.

3. For most models at the review page at, only a fraction of the number of reviews that Helix states at the top of the page are actually available.

4. In regard to Helix's claim that there are 6,000+ reviews of Helix products, Sleep Like The Dead can only locate about 1,500 reviews at

5. The graphic used with "6,000+ reviews" on the home page implies that Helix receives a five-star total (the highest possible score) from these reviews; a four out of five star total, however, would be more accurate.

Key Comparisons

number of models

Helix offers 15 models which is many times that offered by main competitors on average. More choice tends to mean a greater likelihood of finding a mattress that suits your personal wants and needs.

helix model compare

Coil count

For all luxe models, the coil count – the number of springs used in the mattress – is likely 1,000 (queen) but Sleep Like The Dead cannot fully confirm this. For all standard models, the coil count is 660 (queen). 660 is below average in general and often below that of main competitors. And a 660 count is often found on mattresses of a somewhat lower price point than Helix. While Helix's 660 count will likely perform acceptably for most people, some couples and large people may experience less than ideal support.

helix coil count compare
*partial estimate


While standard Helix models are significantly less expensive than the average mattress, the luxe models are somewhat higher than the average mattress. (See how Helix compares to other mattresses in the sortable price comparison.)

helix price compare


Standard models are 10 inches thick, Luxe models are 14 inches, and the Nightfall 12 inches. Luxe models are thick enough to potentially make getting on and off the mattress somewhat challenging especially for shorter people. Their thickness, however, gives the Luxe models an upscale appearance.

helix thickness compare


Weight is about 50-150 pounds depending on model and size. A standard queen model weighs about 95 pounds which is average, while a luxe queen weighs 140. A heavy mattress has the advantage of staying in place on its base but the disadvantage of being difficult to move, lift and handle especially for one person.

helix mattress weight compare

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