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THE GOOD: Wool toppers are often effective at softening a mattress and giving it a luxurious feel. They tend to be durable as well as fairly cool / dry in summer and warm in winter.

THE BAD: In addition to being pricey, wool toppers may not provide adequate cushion for some side sleepers. Initial odor is possible. Regular shaking / fluffing may be needed to maintain loft and comfort.

THE COMPETITION: Main competing toppers are feather and fiber. See how wool toppers compare to these and others in the mattress topper comparison.

Wool Topper-Pad Ratings: Overall As a Group

The ratings below show how wool toppers as a group compare to the average mattress topper as evaluated by consumers. For ratings on specific brands, see the following section.

Affordable d Wool toppers often range $175-$370. The average price for a wool topper is about $195 vs about $145 for the average topper.
Less pain C+ Memory foam and latex tend to do better in regard to preventing / relieving back and joint pain.
Support c Wool's ability to improve mattress support is generally inferior to that of memory foam and latex.
Durability / longevity b+ Wool toppers tend to have above average durability / longevity, but they will likely lose resiliency over time.
Conforming ability C- Wool toppers' ability to conform and contour to one's body is not a strength especially when compared to foam and latex toppers.
Motion isolation d Unlike memory foam, wool does not help to keep movement of one person from disturbing another person on the bed.
No lumpiness / clumping B- While wool toppers are more likely to clump or lump that memory foam and latex toppers, less than 6% (1 out of 17) of wool owners report a problem.
Easy to move on b+ Wool toppers/pads usually provide little resistance to body movement and getting up off of them.
No noise a Wool is quiet when compressed or moved on.
Easy to move, lift, handle A- Wool toppers tend to weigh 4-14 pounds depending mostly on size – making them lighter than most other topper types.
Sex friendly b The softness provided by the topper can allow sex to be more comfortable without lessening bounce or ease of movement.
No initial odor c- About 5% of owners (1 out of 20) report an initial smell – often "barnyard" in nature – but it is usually not severe or long lasting.
No sleeping hot b- In addition to keeping you warm in winter, wool absorbs moisture to help keep you cool in summer. As a result, wool toppers often provide at least some relief for hot sleepers. Nevertheless, about 4% of owners (1 out of 25) report significant unwanted heat.
Proper fit / secure c Like mattress toppers in general, wool toppers may not fit properly to the dimensions of the mattress. And they may not stay fully secure.
Appearance on bed b- A wool topper-pad usually has a clean and even appearance, but compression can leave a slightly sagged appearance to the bed.
Easy to maintain d+ Occasional to regular shaking / fluffing may be required to maintain loft and comfort especially for thick wool toppers.
Ease of cleaning b They are often machine washable – otherwise spot cleanable. They often dry quickly. Some shrinkage is possible.

Top-Rated Wool Toppers-Pads

The following table compares wool toppers / pads that rate 85% or higher in owner satisfaction based on at least 100 consumer experiences.

  Owner Satis- faction (Sample) Price Retailer Pocket Depth Thick- ness Weight (queen) Sizes
LambsWool Mattress Pad 91%
$160- $187 overstock
up to 16" 1 inch 5 lbs (est) twin, full, queen
Snug Soft 90%
$176- $368 amazon up to 18" 1.5 inch 6.2 lbs twin, xl twin, full, qn, king, CA king
sleep & beyond 85%
$130- $340 amazon

overstock .com
na .5 and 1.5 inch 6-12 lbs twin, qn, king, CA king

About our Wool Mattress Topper review and research

Ratings are based on over 800 wool mattress topper consumer experiences which were gathered primarily from review sections on retailer web sites.


Wool mattress toppers accommodate changing body temperature by helping you to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

During the cold months, air pockets between the fibers of the wool topper hold body heat resulting in a more consistent body temperature.

During the warm months, the hollow fibers of wool allow the topper to wick moisture which helps to keep your skin dry, not damp and clammy.

Consequently, your sleep surface stays cool even if there is high humidity. This dry sleep surface discourages the growth of mold and mildew, which can benefit people with allergies.





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