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THE GOOD: Latex pillows tend to be soft yet supportive resulting in above average comfort and pain-relief potential. They have few complaints related to heat buildup. Durability / longevity tends to be good. Latex seldom clumps, shifts or develops hollow spots.

THE BAD: They can have an initial chemical-like or rubber odor. Their springiness / bounciness and above-average weight are negatives to some.

THE COMPETITION: Latex pillows often compete most directly with memory foam pillows. See how latex pillows compare to other pillow types.

Latex Pillow Ratings: Overall

The ratings below show how latex pillows overall compare to the average pillow. For ratings on specific brands, see the following section.

Affordable C+ $27-$70. Owners on average pay about $47. Higher price does not necessarily result in higher satisfaction.
Durability / longevity A- The pillows tend to maintain their shape and support for at least three years on average with normal, regular use. As they age, they tend to flatten and compress.
Less (neck) pain b+ Less pain, including less neck/shoulder pain, tends to be a strong advantage of latex pillows mainly because of the consistent support they provide. For about 7% of owners, however, the pillows cause pain usually because of excessive firmness and or improper loft.
Supportive b+ The clear majority of owners say the pillows provide good to excellent support. This is mainly because the pillows tend to hold their shape and instantly adjust to head and neck movement.
Reduces pressure B+ Latex contours to the head and neck resulting in roughly equal weight distribution and above average pressure relief.
Stable D Latex pillows are not entirely stable as they tend to have some spring or bounce. About 6% of owners report this characteristic to be a disadvantage because, in their words, it feels like having one's head on a balloon or big rubber ball.
Moldable C A "moldable" pillow is one whose shape can be easily altered or scrunched to increase comfort and support. Moldability is not often a strength of latex pillows since they spring back to shape and are fairly dense. However, soft varieties are the most easily moldable.
Cuddly c+ A "cuddly" pillow is one that is soft and huggable, as opposed to hard, rigid, stiff and or too heavy. Latex pillows tend to be too dense and heavy to score highly on this issue.
Short break in B Latex tends to have minimal break-in requirements.
Reduces snoring B The proper support potentially provided by the pillow helps to open airways to reduce snoring.
Contents won't shift a Latex does not shift resulting in hollow spots.
Back sleep friendly B Generally good, but loft may be too high for some, especially smaller people and those sleeping on a soft mattress.
Stomach sleep friendly c- High loft and or excessive firmness can undermine comfort for some stomach sleepers, especially if their mattress is soft.
Side sleep friendly b+ Side sleepers generally are satisfied with latex pillows mainly because they often have the loft, support and softness side sleepers prefer.
No initial odor / off gassing c- A significant rubber or chemical smell is reported by about 5% of owners. It often, but not always, goes away after a few days.
No sleeping hot b Heat trap issues are reported by about 4% of owners. The pillows have small holes and interconnecting channels that create a natural ventilation system, letting body heat and moisture disperse.
No noise a They tend to be quiet under all conditions.
Easy to lift, turn, move d+ 10%+ of owners describe latex pillows as dense and heavy in comparison to other pillow types.
Fewer allergies b A small percentage of people are allergic to latex. Latex is anti-microbial and mildew proof. And although dust mites do not eat the latex they can still live in it to feed on the shedded skin cells that settle inside.
Easy to maintain a The pillows are low maintenance in that they do not need to be shaken or fluffed.
Easy to clean D+ Use lukewarm solution of mild soap and water to spot clean, and dry at room temperature. No machine washing.

Top-Rated Latex Pillows: Comparison, Prices and Specs

The table below evaluates latex pillows that have 82% or higher owner satisfaction based on 1,000+ owner experiences. Important: Information for firmness, loft and sleep position shows what tends to be true for owners. Your personal evaluation may differ.

Natural Latex Foam
Talatech Latex Pillow Beautyrest Latex Pillow
Owner Satisfaction (sample)    
87% (2050) 87% (1887) 83% (2322)
$51-$55 $40-$49 $25-$42
Sizes Available    
standard, queen standard, queen, king standard, queen, king
medium soft, med, or firm med-firm
medium medium med-high
Person Size Best Suited    
average soft firmness: average, small

med firmness: average

firm firmness: average, large
average, large
Sleep Position Best Suited    
back, side soft firmness: stomach, back

med firmness: back, side

firm firmness: back, side
side, back
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* See the pillow loft guide and loft calculators.

Description of Lying on a Latex Pillow

Below are the most common phrases that owners use to describe lying on their latex pillow.

latex pillow description

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About our unbiased latex pillow reviews and research

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– Latex pillows are often described by owners as dense and somewhat heavy. As a result, the pillows are not generally regarded as cuddly or huggable, at least not to the degree that softer and lighter pillows are.

– Latex pillows are considered to be effective in relieving pain, especially neck pain, for at least 20 percent of owners.

– Some people (less than 3% of the population) are allergic to latex. Latex, however, is anti-microbial and mildew proof. In addition, some research suggests latex tends to not attract large dust mite populations.





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