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THE GOOD: Convenient and innovative comfort adjustment system (Comfort+) • at least three firmness options • strong customer service • "B" SLTD company rating.

THE BAD: Above-average potential for off gassing and heat retention • must wait 30 days to be eligible for comfort adjustment, 60 days for return • so-so edge support.

THE MATTRESS: Novosbed (based in Alberta, Canada) sells made-in-North America mattresses consisting of 4-5 inches of memory foam over 6-7 inches of support foam. They are shipped compressed / vacuum sealed, expanding when opened.

THE COMPETITION: See how Novosbed compares to these and others at the memory foam mattress reviews – summary and the side-by-side mattress comparison.

THE RETAILER: (See buying a mattress online: what you should know.)


Novosbed Mattress Ratings
Novosbed Company Ratings
Key Comparisons
Novosbed Model Prices and Specifications
Novosbed Firmness Analysis
Person Size and Sleep Position Suitability

Novosbed Mattress Ratings

The ratings below – based on 80+ consumer reviews gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology – show how Novosbed rates against the average mattress.

Owner satisfaction B The Novosbed mattress has 82% owner satisfaction. Learn more.
Affordable B Price is $800-$1200 depending on size, not including a foundation. More.
Durability / longevity B- Available data suggests that the beds have a lifespan of six years or more on average. This is similar to or somewhat better than the lifespan of similar priced mattresses as well as the average mattress. More.
General support B No more than 5% of owners (1 in 20) – especially owners of the Medium and Firm models – report inadequate support.
Less (back) pain B The beds tend to have above average potential to provide back pain relief, at least for the average-sized person. (See mattresses and pain relief for general analysis.)
Minimizes pressure points B The mattress molds and contours to the sleeper's body to an extent that minimizes pressure points for most owners. Sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds are often most likely to experience pressure points.
Easy to move on C- Moving on and getting up off the bed may require greater-than-average effort due to the conforming ability of higher-density memory foam. In general, however, Novosbed mattresses tend to be easier to move on than most other high-density memory foam mattresses, especially certain Tempur-Pedic models.
Motion isolation A Like memory foam beds in general, the mattress absorbs motion from one person so that another person is not much, if at all, disturbed.
Edge support D+ As is often true for foam-based beds, support at the mattress edge may be inadequate for sleeping or sitting, especially for larger people.
No initial odor D+ About 14% of owners (1 in 7) report significant initial off gassing odor. Learn more.
No sleeping hot D+ About 12% of Novosbed owners (1 in 8) report a significant heat problem at least some of the time. Learn more.
Good for sex C Opinions vary, but a lack of bounce is the main complaint from memory foam mattress owners while lack of pressure is the main positive. (See mattresses and sex for general analysis.)
No noise A Like other foam mattresses, Novosbed mattresses are silent.
No topper needed A- Due to the Comfort+ option – a top layer that integrates with the mattress to adjust comfort – few owners need to add a topper.
Short break in C- Due likely to the use of higher-density foam, break-in time appears to be somewhat longer than that of the average mattress.
Easy to maintain C+ The bed is one sided and no flip. Rotating it (head to foot) at least twice a year may prevent and minimize sagging / wear. The mattress top cover is removable and washable.
Easy to lift, handle, move C+ The mattresses weigh 52 to 120 pounds depending on size (queen 87-95 pounds) which is about average. There are no handles. More.

Novosbed Company Ratings

The ratings below – based on consumer experiences and the evaluation of Sleep Like The Dead – show how Novosbed compares to the average mattress manufacturer.

Warranty B+ The warranty is 15 years / first 10 years non prorated. This is better than that of most other beds in Novosbed's price range and above average overall. (See mattress warranties: what you should know.)
Return / exchange policy B Novosbed has a 120-day 100% money-back return policy with no fees or return ship charges. You must keep the bed at least 60 days before you can return it. You must prepare the mattress by wrapping it in protective plastic. (See returning a mattress: what to know.) For exchanges, instead of sending back the bed for one of a different firmness, Novosbed will send at no cost a firmer or softer comfort layer – one that integrates into the mattress. Customers are eligible for this after 30 days.
Customer service A- Customer service both before and after the sale is regarded by consumers overall to be well above average.
Marketing accuracy B- The company's claim that its mattress is "the most affordable luxury mattress in the world" is not sufficiently justified in the opinion of Sleep Like The Dead. And while the company's sleep trial is competitive and unique, whether it is the "industry's best sleep trial" as claimed is questionable. Also, the company says that their beds give off a "very slight" initial odor. But 10%+ of owners rate odor as greater than slight.
Access to customer reviews A At its website, Novosbed allows easy access to all customer reviews posted there, including those that are negative.
Integrity of customer reviews C- Customer ratings in total on Novosbed's website are about 15% higher than customer ratings in total at independent sources.
Specs disclosed A- The disclosing of specifications allows consumers to know what they are paying for and helps them to comparison shop.
Time in business B- Novosbed was founded in 2009.
BBB rating A+ Novosbed currently has a stable "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau with no complaints in at least the past three years reported.
SLTD rating B SLTD (Sleep Like The Dead) company rating for Novosbed is determined by averaging the above company ratings.

Key Comparisons

Owner Satisfaction

Novosbed mattresses have 82% owner satisfaction. This rate is similar to that of main competitors overall and better than the rate of all mattresses (73%). (Learn how owner satisfaction is determined.)

novosbed comparison chart

Price / Value

In regard to price and value, Novosbed compares favorably to memory foam mattresses on average. And it compares especially favorably to more expensive memory foam mattresses – namely offerings from name brands such as Serta and Sealy.

novosbed price compare

Durability / longevity

Novosbed mattresses appear to have at least fair durability / longevity. The density of the support foam – often a key factor in the lifespan of a foam-based mattress – is likely neither a clear strength nor clear weakness.

novosbed mattress longevity compare
* partial estimate.

Heat Retention

Like memory foam beds in general, Novosbed mattresses have an above average potential to trap heat particularly in the summer. Adding the Comfort+ comfort adjustment seems to increase heat retention somewhat. About 13% of Novosbed owners report a problem at least some of the time. (General analysis: mattresses and sleeping hot.)

novosbed heat trap compare

Off Gassing / Initial Odor

About 14% of owners report significant initial off gassing odor. It tends, however, to mostly dissipate within a week. (See memory foam off gassing for general analysis.)

novosbed off gassing compare

Conforming Ability With and Without Comfort+

A highly conforming mattress molds and contours to the sleeper's body resulting in equal weight distribution thereby minimizing pressure points.

Without Comfort+
Novosbed's conforming ability – like that of memory foam beds in general – is above average. But its conforming ability appears to be below that of most other high-density memory foam mattresses, such as several Tempur-Pedic models. On the negative side, this means that pressure points may not be as minimized by the Novosbed; on the positive side, it means that the sleeper will tend to not be enveloped by the mattress and that movement, including changing positions, is not overly difficult.

With Comfort+
With the optional comfort adjustment (Comfort+) placed on the mattress, conforming ability is reduced because Comfort+ is made of regular foam, not memory foam. In other words, with the adjustment, the mattress may feel more like a conventional (pillow top) mattress than like a memory foam mattress.

novosbed comforming compare

Break In Period Length

Novosbed appears to have a somewhat longer-than-average break-in period due likely to its use of high-density memory foam foam. During break-in, side sleepers may experience some hip and shoulder discomfort due to high firmness.

novsbed break in period chart
* partial estimate.

SLTD Company Rating

Novosbed performs better than both the average mattress company and its main competitors overall based on warranty coverage, customer service, return policy, access to customer reviews, integrity of customer reviews, time in business, marketing accuracy, specifications disclosure, and BBB ratings.

novosbed sltd rating

Novosbed Model Prices and Specifications

The Novosbed comes in three firmness levels: Soft, Medium and Firm.

Soft Medium Firm
Price Twin    
$800 $800 $800
Price Full    
$900 $900 $900
Price Queen    
$1000 $1000 $1000
Price King    
$1200 $1200 $1200
11" (13" with Comfort+) 11" (13" with Comfort+) 11" (13" with Comfort+)
6" support foam (1.8 lbs/ft) 7" support foam (1.8 lbs/ft) 7" support foam (1.8 lbs/ft)
Comfort Layer    
2″ gel memory foam (3.7 lbs/ft density)

3″ memory foam (4 lbs/ft density)
2″ memory foam (5 lbs/ft density)

2″ memory foam (5 lbs/ft density)
2″ memory foam (4 lbs/ft density)

2″ memory foam (5 lbs/ft density)
medium-soft to medium medium to medium-firm medium-firm to firm
polyester lycra blend stretch-knit polyester lycra blend stretch-knit polyester lycra blend stretch-knit
15 years, first 10 non prorated 15 years, first 10 non prorated 15 years, first 10 non prorated

* Based on the average owner's experience (see below). Firmness descriptions can vary with the use of the Comfort+ system.

Novosbed Firmness Analysis

The firmness descriptions (soft, medium, firm) Novosbed uses to describe its mattresses are mostly relative to one another as opposed to all mattresses in general. For example, their Soft model should not be necessarily be viewed as soft in absolute terms but soft mainly in relation to their Medium and Firm models.

The three Novosbed mattress models are evaluated below based on owner opinion of actual firmness levels. The firmness evaluations do not include the use of the Comfort+ system; Sleep Like The Dead estimates that this system can adjust firmness in either direction by up to one number on a 1 to 10 firmness scale.

novosbed firmness comparison
* 1 to 10 scale with 1 being very soft and 10 being very firm.

About 13% of owners (1 in 8) say that the Novosbed Medium or Soft mattress (after break in and without / before using the Comfort+ adjustment) is firmer than expected. People of any size can report this, but those who weigh below 130 pounds or have a body mass index under 21 appear most likely to report it.

About 7% of owners (1 in 14) say that their Novosbed mattress (regardless of model) is softer than expected (without / before using the Comfort+ adjustment).

novosbed firmness breakdown

Person Size and Sleep Position Suitability

The table evaluates Novosbed models for person size and sleep position – assuming that the Comfort+ system is used if needed. Ratings show what tends to be true for owners; your personal evaluation may differ. See mattress firmness guide for details based on your body type. And large and small people, see this guide.

    Average-Sized People
(130-230 lbs)
Large People
(230+ lbs)
Small People
(under 130 lbs)
Soft Back Sleep Friendly B C+ A-
Side Sleep Friendly B C+ B
Stomach Sleep Friendly C+ C- B
Medium Back Sleep Friendly A- B+ B
Side Sleep Friendly B+ B C+
Stomach Sleep Friendly B B- B-
Firm Back Sleep Friendly B B+ C
Side Sleep Friendly C+ B D+
Stomach Sleep Friendly B- C+ C

Novosbed Specifications Analysis & Comparison


The Novosbed mattress cover is a removable and washable lycra / polyester blend.

Comfort Layers

The top comfort layer consists of two inches of 3.7 to 5 lb/ft density memory foam depending on the model. For Medium and Firm models this foam is regular memory foam, while the Soft model has gel-infused memory foam. Gel-infused memory foam in general tends to sleep about 30% cooler longer than regular memory foam of similar density.

The bottom comfort layer consists of two or three inches of 4 to 5 lb/ft density memory foam.

This amount and density of memory foam in Novosbed is significantly greater than those of memory foam mattresses overall as well as main competitors on average.

novosbed top layer compare

More memory foam content usually provides a high degree of motion absorption / isolation. This can be a plus if you prefer a couple-friendly no-disturbance mattress but a minus if you prefer some bounce.

novosbed top layer density compare

Higher density memory foam is often conforming and pain relieving, but it can sleep hotter and be more difficult to move on than lower density foam. Learn about more of the characteristics, pros and cons of the different densities of memory foam.

Base Layer(s)

The base or support layer(s) of Novosbed consists of 6-7 inches of 1.8 lb/ft density foam. This density is about average compared to all foam-based mattresses but slightly below average compared to main competitors. Higher density foam used in the base layer(s) can be a durability / longevity strength as softening and loss of support is often less likely to occur with the use of such foam.

novosbed base density compare

Total Thickness

Novosbed mattresses are 11 inches thick and 13 inches thick when using the Comfort+ comfort adjustment. A thicker mattress is taller and therefore may be somewhat more difficult to get on and off for shorter people; a low-profile foundation can help to lower the bed's overall height.

novosbed thickness compare


Queen-sized Novosbed mattresses range from 87 to 95 pounds with average being about 90. (Adding the Comfort+ comfort adjustment will increase weight somewhat.) 90 pounds is slightly less than both the average mattress and main competitors overall.

novosbed mattress weight compare

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