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Sleep Like The Dead provides unbiased ratings on hundreds of sleep products based on 140,000 consumer experiences.

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mattress chart


Our unbiased, detailed and up-to-date mattress evaluations are based on 18,400 actual consumer experiences collected from hundreds of credible sources.
> Mattress Reviews & Ratings

topper chart

Mattress Toppers

Read unbiased, detailed and up-to-date mattress topper evaluations (memory foam, latex, feather, fiber) based on 52,000 actual consumer experiences.
> Mattress Topper Reviews & Ratings

pillow chart


Read unbiased, detailed and up-to-date ratings on ten types of bed pillows based on 20,500 actual consumer experiences.
> Pillow Reviews & Ratings

bedding chart


See how 21,000 actual consumers of bed sheets, mattress pads, electric blankets / pads, and comforters rate the products.
 > Bedding Reviews

sleeping pill chart

Sleeping Pills

Find out how hundreds of Ambien, Lunesta and Melatonin users rate the pills in effectiveness, side effects and more.
 > Sleeping Pills Ratings & Reviews

sound machine chart

Sound / White Noise Machines

Read unbiased, detailed and up-to-date reviews and ratings for the top sound / white noise machines based on 7,800 consumer experiences.
 > White Noise Machine Reviews

chronic insomnia article

Chronic Insomnia Treatment

Find out exactly how Sleep Like The Dead Publisher and Editor, Nick Robinson, overcame ten years of sleeplessness.
 > Chronic Insomnia Treatment

sleep hygiene chart

Sleep Hygiene

To sleep as well as you can, you need darkness, the right temperature, and exercise. Also see what are the best darkening curtains, fans for sleeping, light therapy boxes and earplugs.
 > Sleep Hygiene Product Reviews

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