The Innomax (Dual Digital) Airbed Review You Can Actually Trust – 2018

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THE GOOD: Generally competitive with more expensive airbed brands, including Sleep Number • little or no middle problem • generous return policy (via Sam's Club).

THE BAD: Potential for air leaks, mechanical problems, noise, and off gassing • firmness excessive for some side sleepers • often lacks some features of pricier brands.

THE BEDS: Innomax airbeds use air for main support instead of springs or foam. Comfort layer material can include fiberfill, regular foam, memory foam, and latex. An electric air pump can adjust firmness by adding / removing air from the mattress. Assembly is required.

THE RETAILERS: The beds are sold at under the name "dual digital airbeds" as well as at a limited number of other retailers. (See buying a mattress online: what to know.)

THE COMPETITION: See the airbed reviews – summary and the mattress comparison to learn how Innomax compares to the competition.

Ratings For Innomax (Dual Digital) Airbeds

The ratings – based on 120+ consumer reviews gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology – show how Innomax (Dual Digital) airbeds compare to the average mattress.

Owner satisfaction b- Dual Digital / Innomax airbeds overall have 78% owner satisfaction. More.
Durability / reliability c- Like airbeds in general, 20%+ of owners report at least one problem developing over the course of ownership, usually related to hose connections, pumps or controllers. Nevertheless, most owners praise the bed for component quality, especially compared to Sleep Number.
Longevity / lifespan b+ Any durability problem can be fairly easily repaired by the bed's owner with replacement parts sent from Innomax. (Replacement parts may be at least partially covered under warranty.) This ability to repair the beds tends to give them an above average lifespan.
Affordable C $600-$2000 depending on model and size, not including a foundation. The more expensive models tend to be more advanced, thicker. Innomax beds often cost at least 30% less than Sleep Number beds of similar specs, benefits and owner satisfaction. (See how Innomax compares to other mattresses in the sortable price comparison.)
Support A- The adjustable air chambers allow a person to achieve an above-average level of support.
Edge support B- Edge support tends to be considered at least adequate, but it can deteriorate over time.
Minimizes pressure B The beds moderately conform and adapt to one's body, resulting in above average distributed support and pressure-point relief.
Less (back) pain B+ Like airbeds owners in general, Innomax owners generally praise their bed for its ability to relieve or prevent back pain. (See mattresses and pain relief for general analysis.)
Adjustable firmness b- Firmness is adjustable by adding / removing air with the electric pump. Fifty different settings are often possible compared to 20 settings on the Sleep Number bed. Nevertheless, about 15% of owners report a lack of adjustment range and specificity.
Easy to use D Some initial experimentation is often needed for a person to find a suitable firmness setting. Changing positions for some owners requires adjusting the firmness.
Firmness options b- Due to differences in comfort layer thickness, general firmness can vary somewhat by model. Models with a thicker comfort layer are softer.
No middle problem B+ Some airbeds, namely the Sleep Number bed, may have an uneven or obstructed sleep surface due mainly to the presence of an intrusion where the two air chambers meet. Innomax air beds, by contrast, have few reports of this problem.
Motion isolation b Motion isolation – the isolating of movement made by one person so that another person on the bed is not disturbed – is usually a moderate strength for airbeds with dual air chambers.
Back sleep suitable A- The beds are probably best suited for back sleepers.
Side sleep suitable c+ Side sleepers may find the thinner / less expensive models to be excessively firm. A significant number of side sleepers buy a topper to soften their Innomax.
Stomach sleep suitable b- A too-soft setting may result in a stomach sleeper bowing in (especially if large around the middle) which can result in back discomfort or pain.
No initial off gassing odor C- The beds may have a chemical or rubber smell when new. About 10% of owners report that it is strong and enduring.
No sleeping hot or cold b- Less than 6% of owners report their bed sleeping hot or sleeping cold. Models with memory foam may be somewhat more likely to retain heat.
Good for sex b- No noticeable intrusion in the middle of the bed helps the Dual Digital / Innomax air bed to be at least somewhat more suitable than the Sleep Number bed for sex, spooning and cuddling. (See the mattress and sex comparison.)
No noise d+ The air pumps can make noticeable noise when in use, say 15%+ of owners. Using the pumps in the night may wake one's partner.
Short break in period C+ The break-in period for airbeds is often less than 14 days which about average.
Easy to maintain D+ Like airbeds in general, the comfort layer and foam components may benefit from being rotated / flipped occasionally to avoid uneven wear. Parts / components may need replacement at some point. And the beds may need periodic adjustment of their components.
Easy to lift, handle, move B- Depending on model and size, the beds likely weigh 35-100 lbs. The ability to break the bed down into its individual components make it relatively easy to move / transport.
Ready to use d Like nearly all airbeds, the Dual Digital / Innomax bed requires assembly taking about an hour to complete.

Innomax (Dual Digital) Company Ratings

The ratings below – based on consumer experiences and the evaluation of Sleep Like The Dead – show how Innomax compares to the average mattress manufacturer.

Warranty C- Innomax airbeds tend to have a 10-25-year warranty depending on the model. There tends to be 10-year limited coverage on the mattress cover and edge support and 20-year limited coverage on the power pack pump and air chambers. The warranty, similar to those of other airbeds, has a short prorated period of usually 3 to 5 years. This means that for most of the warranty period, you pay some of the cost to repair the bed. (See mattress warranties: what to know.)
Customer service B Innomax customer service overall gets positive reviews.
Return policy B+ The beds must be returned to Innomax (Specialty Sleep Services) not Sam's Club. There is no charge for pickup. The beds must be kept 30 days before a return can be initiated.
Marketing accuracy A- Aside from mild hyperbole, product claims and presentation are factual.
Specs disclosed B The disclosing of specifications allows consumers to know what they are paying for and helps them comparison shop. Innomax discloses most specifications of its beds with the possible exception of comfort layer thickness and foam density.
Time in business A Innomax has been in business since 1975.
BBB rating A+ Innomax has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Its rating has remained stable for at least the past several years.
SLTD rating of company B Sleep Like The Dead (SLTD) company rating of "B" for Innomax is determined by average the above company ratings.

Owner Satisfaction Comparison

Innomax (Dual Digital) airbeds have 78% owner satisfaction overall. This is the same as the rate for airbeds overall (78%) and higher than the rate for all beds overall (73%) which includes innerspring, memory foam, latex, air, futon.

Lower priced models, namely those with a thin comfort layer, tend to rate lowest among Innomax models due to excessive firmness. In these cases, the purchasing of a mattress topper often improves comfort to a satisfactory level.

innomax comparison chart
Learn how owner satisfaction is determined.

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About our unbiased Innomax Airbed review and research

Ratings of the Innomax (Dual Digital / American Sleep Collection) air beds are based on over 120 owner reviews of several models.

The majority of owner reviews were collected from Learn more about our research methodology and why you can trust our mattress reviews.


– Some airbeds, such as the Sleep Number / Select Comfort Bed, are known for having an uneven sleep surface and / or an intrusion where the two air bladders meet. Innomax airbeds, by contrast, have few if any complaints on this issue.

– Some Innomax models, especially the least expensive, may lack adequate padding especially for side sleepers. Adding a topper to the bed can help alleviate excessive firmness.

– Firmness is adjustable by adding / removing air with the electric pump. Fifty different settings are often possible. Nevertheless, about 15% of owners report a lack of adjustment range and specificity.





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