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THE GOOD: No-fee, convenient returns • Celliant® cover • above-average warranty • limited initial odor • motion isolation.

THE BAD: Some specifications below competitors • too firm for some • must keep mattress 30 days before returning.

THE MATTRESSES: Amerisleep mattresses (made in USA) are priced $750 to $2200 and consist of two to four inches of memory foam over regular / support foam. They ship compressed / vacuum sealed, expanding when opened.

THE COMPETITION: Other mid- priced mattresses especially memory foam. Compare Amerisleep to other brands in the mattress comparison.

THE RETAILER: (See buying a bed online: what to know).


Amerisleep Mattress Ratings
Amerisleep Company Ratings
Key Comparisons
Amerisleep Models, Prices & Specifications
Amerisleep Firmness Analysis
Person Size and Sleep Position Suitability
Amerisleep Specifications Analysis

Amerisleep Mattress Ratings

The ratings – based on consumer reviews gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology – show how Amerisleep mattresses rate compared to the average mattress.

Owner satisfaction B- Amerisleep mattresses have 78% owner satisfaction. Learn more.
Durability / longevity C+ Amerisleep mattress durability / longevity appears to be about fair. Learn more.
Affordable C- Prices range $750-$2200 depending on size and model – with the average queen costing $1640.
Support C+ Support is adequate for most owners but may be questionable for some large people and couples.
Minimizes pressure b Amerisleep mattresses – especially softer models – conform to the curves of a person's body at least moderately resulting in above-average pressure relief for most owners. Excessive pressure, however, causes at least some discomfort for about 14% of owners (1 in 7) – most commonly those with a body mass index under 21.
Less (back) pain B- The at least fair degree of support and conforming ability of Amerisleep mattresses result in above-average potential for back pain relief. (See mattresses and pain relief for general analysis.)
Easy to move on C- For softer models especially, changing positions and getting up off the bed may require some extra effort compared to the average mattress.
Motion isolation A- Motion made on the bed tends to not disturb another person on the bed much if at all. (General analysis: mattress motion isolation.)
Edge support C- As is often true for foam-based mattresses, support near the edge may be inadequate for sleeping / sitting, especially for larger people.
No initial odor / off gassing B- An initial odor is possible but not common and seldom long lasting. About 6% of owners (1 in 16) report an issue. More.
No sleeping hot C+ Overall, about 7% of owners report a significant problem. More.
Good for sex C Owner opinion for memory foam mattresses like Amerisleep is mixed. See mattresses and sex for general analysis.
No noise a Amerisleep mattresses are silent under all conditions.
No topper needed C+ Due to the fact that Amerisleep mattresses can be firmer than people expect, about 7% of owners (1 in 14) add a topper to improve softness and comfort. Learn more.
Fast break in C- Break-in time tends to be somewhat longer than average, around two weeks.
Easy to maintain C All models are one sided and no flip. Head-to-foot rotation on occasion may be necessary to prevent and minimize sagging / wear.
Easy to lift, handle, move C+ The average Amerisleep mattress weighs about 92 pounds. There are no handles.

Amerisleep Company Ratings

The ratings below – based on consumer experiences and the evaluation of Sleep Like The Dead – show how Amerisleep compares to the average mattress manufacturer.

Warranty A- All models have a 20-year warranty (10-year full warranty followed by prorated coverage.) See mattress warranties: what to know.
Return policy B Amerisleep has a 100-day, no-fee, 100%-money-back trial period. You must keep the mattress at least 30 days before being eligible for return. No preparation for return shipment is needed, and a courier (if available in your area) removes the bed from your home to be recycled or donated.
Customer service B+ Customer service quality is above average in its responsiveness, speed, quality, and helpfulness.
Marketing accuracy C Hyperbole such as the words "ultimate," "perfect" and "ideal" are sometimes used. Also, Amerisleep states that the support layer of their mattresses will not sag. This claim is unsubstantiated as well as questionable given that their support layers have average-at-best density.
Access to customer reviews C- On the Reviews page at the Amerisleep website, reviews are sortable by star rating but only four- and five-star reviews are available. On the individual mattress model pages, reviews have more sorting options, and reviews other than those with five stars are available.
Integrity of customer reviews D+ The credibility of the "respondents would recommend this to a friend" rating on Amerisleep's website is questionable given that critical reviews state that the reviewer would still "recommend the mattress to a friend."
Specs disclosed B By openly disclosing mattress specifications, a company allows consumers to know what they are paying for and helps them to comparison shop. Layer thickness and density are available at Amerisleep's website but not in a location that can be easily found.
Specs accurate C+ Over 20% of owners say that the firmness of their Amerisleep mattress is different (usually firmer) than what the stated firmness indicates. More.
Time in business B+ Amerisleep / Astrabeds began in 2007.
BBB rating A+ Amerisleep / Astrabeds has "A+" with the Better Business Bureau. Seven complaints have been filed against the company in the past three years.
SLTD rating of company C+ SLTD (Sleep Like The Dead) company rating for Amerisleep is determined by averaging the above company ratings.

Key Comparisons

In the charts below, "all beds" refers to all mattresses on the market, and "all memory foam beds" refers to Amerisleep's main and closest competitors.

Owner Satisfaction

Amerisleep has 78% owner satisfaction. This is above average compared to all mattresses (73%) but slightly below average compared to main competitors overall (80%).

The various Amerisleep models appear to rate mostly similar in owner satisfaction.

amerisleep comparison


Amerisleep prices are $750 to $2200 for a queen depending on model with the average Amerisleep mattress costing about $1640. This is more expensive than the average mattress and those mattresses with basically similar prices and specifications. (See how Amerisleep compares to other mattresses in the sortable price comparison.)

amerisleep price compare

Durability / longevity

Amerisleep mattresses appear to have about fair durability / longevity. For the AS1 model, the density of its support foam – often a key factor in the lifespan of a foam-based mattress – is questionable.

amerisleep longevity compare
* partial estimate.

Topper Usage

About 7% of Amerisleep mattress owners report adding a topper to soften the mattress to create acceptable comfort. This is mostly due to the fact that the mattresses tend to be firmer than what a significant number of people expect.

amerisleep topper need compare

Heat Retention

About 7% of Amerisleep owners report bothersome heat retention – a rate slightly to somewhat lower than that of the average mattress and main competitors overall. Softer Amerisleep models appear more likely to cause heat retention. (General analysis: mattresses and sleeping hot.)

amerisleep heat trap compare

Initial Off Gassing Odor

About 6% of Amerisleep owners report a noteworthy and enduring unpleasant initial odor – a rate significantly lower than that of both the average mattress and main competitors overall. (General analysis: mattress off gassing.)

amerisleep off gassing compare

SLTD (Sleep Like The Dead) Company Rating

Amerisleep / Astrabeds performs equal to all mattress companies overall but below its main competitors overall based on warranty coverage, customer service, return policy, access to customer reviews, integrity of customer reviews, time in business, marketing accuracy, specifications disclosure, and BBB ratings.

amerisleep astrabeds sltd rating chart

Amerisleep Models, Prices and Specifications

AS1 (Americana) AS2 (Revere) AS3 (Liberty) AS4 (Colonial) As5 (Independence)
Price Twin        
$750 $1000 $1100 $1300 $1700
Price Full        
$950 $1150 $1250 $1450 $1850
Price Queen        
$1100 $1300 $1400 $1600 $2000
Price King        
$1300 $1500 $1600 $1800 $2200
10" 12" 12" 12" 14"
Comfort Layer        
2" of 4.0 lb/ft density memory foam
2" of 4.0 lb/ft density memory foam 3" of 4.0 lb/ft density memory foam 4" of 4.0 lb/ft density memory foam 3" of 4.0 lb/ft density memory foam

2" of 3.0 lb/ft regular foam
8" of 1.65 lb/ft density regular foam 3" of 1.65 lb/ft density regular foam

7" of 1.8 lb/ft density regular foam
2" of 1.65 lb/ft density regular foam

7" of 1.8 lb/ft density regular foam
1" of 1.65 lb/ft density regular foam

7" of 1.8 lb/ft density regular foam
2" of 1.65 lb/ft density regular foam

7" of 1.8 lb/ft density regular foam
Stated Firmness        
firm* medium-firm* medium* medium-soft* soft*
Celliant® infused cover** Celliant® infused cover** Celliant® infused cover** Celliant® infused cover** Celliant® infused cover**

* Actual firmness may vary (see next section).
** Celliant® is a fabric made with thermoreactive minerals that can improve sleep quality.

Amerisleep Firmness Analysis

The various Amerisleep mattress models are evaluated below based on owner opinion of actual firmness levels.

amerisleep firmness comparison
* 1 to 10 scale with 1 being very soft and 10 being very firm.

Firmness May Be Different Than Expected

About 13% of owners (1 in 7) say that their Amerisleep mattress (after break in and regardless of model) is firmer than expected – that is, firmer than how Amerisleep states the firmness. People of any size can report this, but those most likely to often weigh below 130 pounds or have a body mass index under 21.

About 6% of owners (1 in 16) say that their Amerisleep mattress (regardless of model) is softer than expected – that is, softer than how Amerisleep states the firmness.

amerisleep firmness breakdown

Person Size and Sleep Position Suitability

The table evaluates Amerisleep models for person size and sleep position. It indicates what tends to be true for owners; your own personal evaluation may differ. See the mattress firmness guide for details based on your specific body type. And large and small people, see this guide.

    Average-Sized People
(130-230 lbs)
Large People
(230+ lbs)
Small People
(under 130 lbs)
AS1 Back Sleep Friendly B- B- C
Side Sleep Friendly C- C+ D+
Stomach Sleep Friendly B- C+ C-
AS2 Back Sleep Friendly B B C+
Side Sleep Friendly C+ B- C-
Stomach Sleep Friendly B- B- C+
AS3 Back Sleep Friendly B B- B-
Side Sleep Friendly B C+ C+
Stomach Sleep Friendly C+ C B-
AS4 Back Sleep Friendly B- C+ B
Side Sleep Friendly B C B-
Stomach Sleep Friendly C+ C- B
AS5 Back Sleep Friendly C+ C B
Side Sleep Friendly B- C- B-
Stomach Sleep Friendly C D+ B-

Amerisleep Specifications Analysis & Comparison


For their mattress covers, Amerisleep uses Celliant® which is a fabric made with thermoreactive minerals that can improve sleep quality according to some studies. Amerisleep's main competitors typically use more conventional covers.

Top Layer

The top layer of Amerisleep mattresses usually consists of two or three inches of 4 lb/ft density memory foam. This amount of memory foam content is below that of the average memory foam mattress, especially those mattresses in Amerisleep's price range.

amerisleep top layer compare

Base Layer(s)

The base or support layer(s) of Amerisleep mattresses consists, depending on the model, of 8-11 inches of 1.65 or 1.8 lb/ft density foam. Foam less than 1.8 lb/ft density that is used in the base layer(s) may be a durability / longevity weakness as softening and loss of support can be more likely to occur with the use of such foam.

amerisleep base density compare

Total Thickness

Amerisleep mattress models overall are thicker than both the average mattress and main competitors on average. A thicker mattress is taller and therefore may be somewhat more difficult to get on and off for shorter people; a low-profile foundation can help to lower the bed's overall height.

amerisleep thickness compare


On average, queen-sized Amerisleep mattresses are about 92 pounds. This is slightly less than both the average mattress and main competitors overall.

amerisleep mattress weight compare

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