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What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Tends to be suited for all sleep positions • above-average motion isolation for a spring-based mattress.

THE BAD: Will sag significantly within the first three years for about 25% of owners • poor or nonexistent return policy • shipping time considerable.

THE BED: The Heavenly Bed is a 12.5-inch thick Simmons Beautyrest pillow top mattress. Down pillows, cotton sheets, down blanket, duvet wrap optional.

THE COMPETITION: Sealy, Serta and other Simmons beds as well as hotel mattresses including Marriott Bed. Learn how the Heavenly Bed compares to other innerspring mattresses.

THE RETAILERS: Available at Westin At Home and Pottery Barn.

Westin Heavenly Bed Ratings

The ratings – based on 80+ consumer reviews gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology – show how the Westin Heavenly Bed compares to the average mattress.

Owner satisfaction d The Heavenly Bed overall has 64% owner satisfaction. Learn more.
Durability / longevity D Similar to innerspring beds in general, at least 20% of owners report significant sagging or excessive softening occurring within three years of ownership.
Affordable C- The Heavenly Bed is priced $800-$1,900 depending on size. Add $400+ for a foundation. Shipping can add another $200+.
Less pain C+ Not a major strength, but about 8% of owners report pain relief, including back pain relief. Sagging or excessive softening can cause back pain. (See mattresses and pain relief for further analysis.)
Firmness options D- The bed is available in one firmness. Most consumers report that the bed is medium firmness, but about 20% say it is either firm or soft.
Motion isolation B The Heavenly Bed uses pocketed coils that are mostly effective in keeping movement made from one person on the bed from disturbing another person.
No initial odor / off gassing B There are few complaints of significant off gassing / initial odor.
No sleeping hot B- Despite the fact that the Heavenly Bed has a thick pillow top, there are few complaints regarding the mattress sleeping hot.
Back sleep friendly C The bed tends to be suitable for back sleepers.
Side sleep friendly b The mostly medium firmness level of the Heavenly Bed is often well suited for side sleepers.
Stomach sleep friendly b- The bed tends to be suitable for stomach sleepers.
Good for sex B Sagging of the mattress may cause romantic activities to be uncomfortable. (See mattresses and sex for general analysis).
No noise B Innersprings may on occasion make some noise, such as popping and clunking.
Easy to maintain D+ Rotating the mattress at least twice a year is needed to maintain comfort and prevent / combat sagging, at least 20% of owners report. The design is no-flip.
Easy to lift, handle, move C- As is the case with most innerspring mattresses, the weight of Heavenly Bed can make moving or maneuvering the mattress as well as changing linens difficult especially for one person.
Warranty C The warranty is 10-years non-prorated. Several owners complain that warranty terms do not provide adequate coverage for sagging or softening. (Refer to mattress warranties: what you should know.)
Return policies D- The mattress typically cannot be returned.
Delivery time D Delivery can take 2 to 4 weeks.

Owner Satisfaction

Based on a sample of 80+ owner experiences, the Heavenly Bed has 64% owner satisfaction. This is average compared to innerspring mattresses overall, but below average compared to all mattresses overall (innerspring, air, memory foam, latex). Owners who purchase the entire Heavenly Bed ensemble – linens, pillows, blankets – tend to be somewhat more satisfied than those who buy only the mattress.

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About our unbiased Westin Hotel Heavenly Bed Review

The Heavenly Bed ratings are based on at least 80 owner / consumer reviews and experiences that were collected using an unbiased, accurate methodology.

Keep in Mind

– The Heavenly Bed is available in only one firmness. Most owners say the bed is medium firmness, but at least 20% say it is either firm or soft. Owners also say that the bed is firmer than expected when new, but softens over time.

– Buying the Heavenly Bed's bedding (upscale linens, pillows and blankets) tends to result in somewhat better owner satisfaction than buying just the mattress alone.

– The Heavenly Bed's pocketed coils generally reduce motion made by one person on the mattress from moving across the bed to disturb another person.

– Consumers should not have the expectation of being able to return a Heavenly Bed.





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