unbiased Marriott Bed (Foam) Review & Ratings

Based on 48 Actual Consumer Experiences

August 14, 2016

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Above-average owner satisfaction • limited reports of heat retention and off gassing.

THE BAD: Longevity / durability, edge support, and warranty no better than fair • one firmness offered.

THE MATTRESS: The Marriott Bed (or Resort Bed) is a made-in-USA nine-inch tall mattress that consists of high density open-cell poured polyurethane foam – not memory foam. It gets its name from the fact that it is found in most Marriott hotels.

THE COMPETITION: See the foam mattress reviews – summary and the mattress comparison for how the bed compares to similar mattresses.

THE RETAILERS: The bed is available at shopmarriott.com, Amazon and GoodMorningMattressCenter.com.

Marriott Bed Ratings

The ratings – based on 50+ consumer reviews gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology – show how the Marriott Bed (foam) compares to the average mattress.

Owner satisfaction b- The Marriott Bed has 78% owner satisfaction. Learn more.
Durability / longevity c+ About 15% of owners report sagging / body impression development occurring within three years of ownership. This rate is about average for foam beds.
Price C A queen on average sells for $1500.
Support C Like foam mattresses in general, support is neither a clear strength nor clear weakness of the bed.
Conforming ability b A highly conforming bed is one that molds and contours to one's body resulting in a cradling, cloud-like, pressure-point-free sensation. The Marriott Bed performs somewhat above average.
Less (back) pain B- The bed appears to perform slightly above average on this issue. (See mattresses and pain relief for general analysis.)
Motion isolation b Motion made on the bed is fairly well localized and, as a result, the mattress is generally couple friendly.
No initial odor / off gassing c Some instances of significant off gassing have been reported. (See mattress off gassing for more analysis.)
Edge support D+ As is often true for foam-based mattresses, support near the edge of the bed may be inadequate for sleeping or sitting.
No sleeping hot c- About 6% of owners report the mattress acting as a heat trap.
Firmness options D Only one foam-based model is available which owners tend to describe as medium-firm.
Back sleep friendly B The bed provides both the firmness and conforming ability that most back sleepers prefer.
Side sleep friendly C+ Some side sleepers – especially those of small size – may find the mattress too firm.
Front sleep friendly B- The bed tends to be well suited for front / stomach sleep.
No noise a The mattress is silent under all conditions.
Good for sex c+ See mattresses and sex.
Lightweight c A mattress and foundation together weigh about 130-250 lbs depending on size.
Delivery time C- Delivery time is often several weeks when buying from shopmarriott.com; significantly less time when buying from Good Morning Mattress Center.
Warranty c+ The warranty is for 10-15 years, which is about average compared to other foam mattresses. (See mattress warranties: what to know.)
Return policy D+ The mattress cannot be returned when buying from shopmarriott.com; Good Morning Mattress Center accepts returns for 30 days.

Owner Satisfaction

With 78% owner satisfaction, the Marriott Bed bed rates slightly lower than foam-based mattresses overall (81%) but better than all mattresses overall (72%). Owners who purchase a Marriott Bed package – bed, linens, topper, comforter and pillows – tend to be somewhat more satisfied than owners who buy only the mattress.

marriott bed comparison

About our unbiased Marriott Bed review and research

Our Marriott Bed ratings are based on over 45 consumer reviews of various foam models (not innerspring models). Learn about our research methodology and sources.


– Only one foam model is available which owners often describe as medium-firm.

– Buying an entire Marriott Bed package which includes linens, blankets and more tends to increase owner satisfaction as well as price.

– About 15 percent of owners report sagging and or body impression development which is about average for a foam mattress.

– Motion made on the bed is fairly well localized and, as a result, the mattress is generally couple friendly.





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