Traditional Mattress Brands Vs New Mattress Brands Comparison – 2019

The mattress industry has changed markedly in the past few years. The cause has been the emergence of dozens of new mattress brands, most of which sell only or mostly online. Notable examples of these new brands include Casper, Leesa, Tuft & Needle, and Purple.

These new brands are different from and similar to the established, traditional brands – namely Serta, Sealy, Simmons, Tempur-Pedic – as indicated below.

Keep in mind that the ratings below are averages and that a particular brand may rate somewhat different than its general category.

Comparison Summary

  Traditional Brands New Brands  
Time in business A D+ Traditional brands have been in business for several decades, while new brands on average are about three years old.
Available in stores (for tryout & purchase) A D+ The main distinguishing trait of a traditional mattress brand is that it is widely available in stores / showrooms. By contrast, with certain exceptions such as Purple and Leesa, new-brand mattresses tend to be available mostly or only online. (Trying a mattress before buying does not appear to be critical to owner satisfaction.)
Customer satisfaction C- C+ On average, traditional-brand mattresses have 70% satisfaction vs 78% for new brands.
Mattress longevity c- C+ Durability / longevity for traditional-brand mattresses is on average about fair – but can vary considerably by brand. New-brand mattresses tend to perform at least fair.
Mattress Price C- b- On average, traditional brands cost about $1700 vs about $950 for new brands.
Perceived value C- B- New-brand mattresses are often viewed as having higher value due mainly to their lower-on-average prices and higher-than-average customer service.
Model variety A D+ Traditional brands usually offer many model and firmness choices. New brands typically offer three or less.
Customer service C B+ The new brands are often more effective at providing effective customer service.
Delivery service B+ C- Mattress delivery often differs significantly for traditional and newer brands.
Old mattress removed A- D+ Old mattress removal is usually not available when buying a new-brand mattress.
No-strings full money back D+ A Traditional brands are more likely to charge a fee for a mattress return.
Ease of returns B+ B- Returns for both types of brands often involve having the mattress picked up from your home. Little if any preparation of the mattress (such as boxing or wrapping) is usually needed.
Warranty C C Both brands often provide 10 years of non-prorated coverage.
Marketing accuracy B D+ Accuracy can vary by brand but on average the new brands are more likely to use hype and make exaggerated claims.

Mattress Delivery Service Comparison

Traditional mattress brands often offer full service delivery, unlike the new mattress brands.

  Traditional Brands New Brands
Delivery method usually retailer's delivery fleet or local contractor usually UPS, FedEx
Free delivery sometimes often
Must be home for delivery yes no
Full service (delivery crew handles and sets up mattress) yes seldom
Old mattress removal available often seldom
Mattress ships compressed & vacuum sealed, expanding when opened seldom often

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