unbiased Polyester (Fiber-Fill) Pillow Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

Based on 2,576 Consumer Experiences

July 26, 2018

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Inexpensive • potentially suited for all sleep positions • easy to care for • few initial odor reports.

THE BAD: Can be lumpy • contents may shift, flatten and develop hollow spots • no better than fair durability and support.

THE PILLOW: Polyester pillows are filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiber.

THE COMPETITION: See how polyester-filled pillows compare to other pillow types in the pillow comparison.

Polyester Pillow Ratings: As a Group

The following shows how fiber-fill pillows rate against the average pillow. For ratings on specific brands, see the following section.

Affordable a Prices range $4-$35. They are often sold in pairs. The average price paid is around $10 per pillow.
Durability / longevity D+ Expect no better than fair durability and lifespan. The pillows tend to flatten faster than other pillow types.
Less pain c The pillows perform about average in the relief of pain, including head, neck and shoulder pain.
Supportive c For a significant number of owners, polyester pillows flatten excessively when compressed.
Moldable c+ A moldable pillow is one whose shape can be easily altered or scrunched to increase comfort and support.
Cuddly b- A cuddly pillow is one that is soft and huggable, as opposed to hard, rigid, stiff and or heavy. The pillow's general softness helps it to have an above-average rating on this issue.
Contents won't shift / clump d At least 15% of owners report lumpiness, clumpiness especially as the pillows age.
Back sleep friendly C+ A significant number of back sleepers report a lack of sustained support through the night.
Side sleep friendly C+ Generally acceptable, but scrunching or even folding of the pillow may be needed to achieve adequate loft for some side sleepers – especially those with large head and or broad shoulders.
Stomach sleep friendly C Stomach sleepers can be pleased if loft is low enough.
No initial odor a- A strength of polyester pillows. Few complaints about initial odor are reported.
Not a heat trap c+ They perform about average or somewhat better on the issue of not acting as a heat and moisture trap.
No noise C The contents inside can make low volume noise when compressed.
Fast break in C Break-in time can range from one night to two weeks.
Fewer allergies c- The pillows are hypoallergenic, but are susceptible to dust mites because mites like to feed on the polyfiber.
Easy to maintain b- Moderate to limited fluffing or shaking is needed.
Easy to clean b+ They can often be machine washed / dried. They dry quickly.
Easy to lift, turn, move B- Polyester pillows usually weigh between 1 and 3 pounds.

Top-Rated Polyester Pillows

The table below evaluates fiber-fill pillows with 83% or higher owner satisfaction based on 150+ consumer experiences. Important: Information regarding firmness, loft and sleep position shows what tends to be true for most owners. Your personal evaluation may differ.

Sealy Cotton Sateen 300 Thread Count Firm Density Pillows Mainstays Huge Utopia Bedding Serta Bed Pillow
Owner Satisfaction (sample)      
87% (158) 85% (721) 83% (1659) 83% (420)
$24-$29 for 2 $5 $26-$35 for 2 $17 for 2
firm med med-soft to med med-firm
med-high med med to med-high med
Person Size Best Suited For      
avg, large avg avg avg
Sleep Position Best Suited For      
back, side back, side back, side back, side
Sizes Available      
standard, king standard / queen standard / queen, king standard / queen
overstock .com walmart .com amazon amazon
Return Policy      
30 day 90 day 30 day 30 day

* See the pillow loft guide and loft calculators.

About our unbiased polyester pillow reviews and research

Ratings are based on 2,500+ polyester (fiber-fill) pillow consumer reviews and experiences collected using an unbiased, accurate methodology.


– A top complaint (from at least 10% of polyester pillow owners) is that the pillows have lumpiness. Shaking the pillow has little if any effect in reducing the problem.

– Polyester pillows are usually considerably less expensive than other types. It is often possible to buy at least two polyester pillows for the same price as one pillow of another type.

– They are relatively easy to clean because they can be machine washed and dried unlike several other pillow types.

– Polyester pillows may be more susceptible to harboring large dust mite populations which can trigger allergies in some people.





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