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unbiased Habitat Furnishings Airbeds (Arise, Aloft, Ascend) Review & Ratings [why trust]

Based on 38 Consumer Experiences

July 26, 2017

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Habitat Furnishings airbeds have firmness adjustability and an above-average potential for pain relief. The beds have little or no "middle problem." Return policy and customer service are above average.

THE BAD: The beds have so-so warranty coverage, less-than-silent air pump operation and a potential for air leaks & mechanical problems. Delivery time can take up to two weeks.

THE BEDS: Arise, Aloft, and Ascend use an air chamber system for primary support and foam, memory foam, latex for the comfort layer. An electric air pump can adjust firmness by adding / removing air from the mattress, and each side has its own setting.

THE COMPETITION: Other airbeds such as Sleep Number. See how Habitat Furnishings compares in the airbed reviews – summary and the mattress comparison.

THE RETAILER: The beds are sold online by Habitat Furnishings. (See buying a mattress online: what to know.)

Habitat Furnishings Air Bed Ratings (Arise, Aloft, Ascend)

The ratings – based on owner experiences collected using an unbiased, accurate methodology – show how Habitat Furnishings airbeds compare to the average mattress.

Owner satisfaction b Habitat Furnishing's airbeds have 82% owner satisfaction overall based on a sample of 38 owner experiences. More.
Durability c Durability appears to be similar to that for airbeds overall, including the Sleep Number Bed. About 20% of Habitat Furnishing airbed owners report a problem of some kind at least once over the course of ownership. Problems usually involve leaks related to air pumps, hose connections, and air bladders.
Longevity / lifespan b+ The beds can be repaired by the owner with a replacement part(s) sent from Habitat Furnishings. This ability to replace parts can result in the bed having an extended lifespan (8+ years).
Affordable D Prices range $2100-$3400 depending on model and size. (A foundation is an additional $300-$450.) More.
Less pain b+ At least 25% of owners say their bed relieves pain, including back, hip and shoulder pain – a rate similar to that reported by owners of other air bed brands. (See mattresses and pain relief for general analysis.)
Adjustment of firmness / support b+ Adding or removing air from the air chambers adjusts the firmness at least somewhat. Each sleeper can have his / her own firmness setting independent of the other side. The Arise, say owners, tends to be rather firm at any setting, while the Aloft and Ascend tend to be softer.
Easy to use D Some initial experimentation is often required to find a suitable firmness setting. Changing positions may require adjusting the firmness.
Even and flat sleep surface B Some airbeds, especially the Sleep Number Bed, have somewhat of a reputation for having an uneven sleep surface as well as an intrusion in the middle where the two air chambers meet. Arise, Aloft and Ascend, by contrast, have few complaints regarding this problem.
Easy to move on / get up off b There are few complaints regarding the beds being difficult to move on or get up off, especially if the mattress is on a firm setting.
Motion isolation b- Motion isolation – the isolating of movement made by one person so that another person is not disturbed – tends to be fair to good.
No initial odor / off gassing C+ The models with memory foam / latex have the greatest potential to have a significant initial odor. An initial rubber smell is also possible. (See mattress off gassing for general analysis.)
No sleeping hot C Aloft and Ascend appear more likely to retain heat because they contain memory foam / latex. (General analysis: mattresses and sleeping hot.)
No noise C- Airbeds use air pumps to adjust and maintain air pressure inside the mattress. These pumps make some noise when in operation. As a result, adjusting firmness during the night may disturb one's partner.
No topper needed B- Among the three models, Arise is the most likely to require a topper to improve softness.
Edge support B- Support for sleeping or sitting close to the mattress edge appears to be adequate and above-average for an airbed. Such support, however, may deteriorate with age and wear.
Heavy person friendly B The beds have adequate thickness and construction for people over 230 pounds.
Easy to maintain D+ Like airbeds in general, the comfort layer(s) and any foam components may benefit from being rotated / flipped occasionally to avoid uneven wear. Parts / components may need to be replaced at some point. And the beds may need periodic adjustment of their components.
Ready to use d+ Like all airbeds, Arise, Aloft and Ascend require assembly. Habitat Furnishings says assembly takes less than 30 minutes.
Lightweight b Airbeds are often 20% lighter than conventional mattresses, making them easier to lift, move and maneuver.

Key Comparisons

Owner Satisfaction

Habitat Furnishings airbeds have 82% owner satisfaction overall. This rate is above average compared to airbeds overall (77%) and all mattresses overall (73%).

habitat furnishings airbed comparison chart
Learn how owner satisfaction is determined.


Habitat Furnishings airbeds are about twice the price of the average mattress, and they are at least 15% more expensive than the average airbed. Despite the above-average price, the majority of Habitat Furnishings airbed owners rate their bed as being a fair or better value.

habitat furnishings price compare

Habitat Furnishings Airbed Model Ratings, Prices, Specs

Prices below do not include a foundation which costs $300-$400 depending on mattress size.

  Owner Satis- faction Price Thick- ness Comfort Layer Sleep Position Rating** Firmness Range** Cover
Arise 80%* $2200 tw
$2500 full
$2600 qn
$2800 kg
11" 4" foam back: good

side: fair

front: good to fair
med to firm bamboo knit
Aloft 83%* $2300 tw
$2700 full
$2800 qn
$3000 kg
11" 2" 4 lbs/ft memory foam

2" foam
back: good to fair

side: good

front: good to fair
med-soft to med-firm bamboo knit
Ascend 83%* $2500 tw
$2900 full
$3000 qn
$3400 kg
11" 2" 4 lbs/ft memory foam

2" latex
back: good

side: good

front: good
soft to med-firm bamboo knit

* Partial estimate.
** Indicates what tends to be true for owners; your own evaluation may differ. See the mattress firmness guide for details based on your body type.

Habitat Furnishings Company Ratings

The ratings below – based on consumer experiences and the evaluation of Sleep Like The Dead – show how Habitat Furnishings compares to the average mattress manufacturer.

Warranty coverage D+ The beds have a 20-year warranty with two years of non-prorated coverage which is similar to warranties of competitor airbeds. (See mattress warranties: what to know.)
Customer service B Customer service is overall considered to be above average but not flawless.
Return policy B- Habitat Furnishings provides a 120-day window for returns. There is a $99 return fee. The base or foundation is not returnable.
Marketing accuracy C- The company claims that their airbeds are "consistently rated five stars" – referring to Yelp reviews. But only 6 of the 8 reviews for the airbeds on Yelp are five star. In addition, the claim that one of their models is "half the price of similarly designed airbeds" is not substantiated.
Specs disclosed B- The materials and design of the beds tend to be well described. But some basic specifications such as overall thickness / height and weight do not appear to be readily disclosed.
Time in business B+ Since 2001.
BBB rating A+ Habitat Furnishings has an "A+" with the Better Business Bureau. Two complaints have been filed against the company in the past three years which is better than average for a company of its size.
SLTD rating of company B- SLTD (Sleep Like The Dead) company rating of "B-" for Habitat Furnishings is determined by averaging the above company ratings.

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About our unbiased Habitat Furnishings airbeds review

The Habitat Furnishings airbed ratings are based on at least 35 consumer reviews. Learn more about our research methodology and why you can trust our mattress reviews.

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