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Sound+Sleep Adaptive Sound Machine (Ecotones)

Unbiased Ratings & Review Based on 1,800+ Owner Experiences

July 15, 2015

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Ecotones Sound+Sleep tends to be effective due to its ability to produce dynamic, varied and realistic sounds.

THE BAD: Main negatives include a fairly high price and somewhat limited volume potential.

THE MACHINE: The product produces ten natural sound recordings. It uses adaptive technology to detect background noise and change its sound to mask it. The machine is made by Adaptive Sound Technologies which has been in business since 2008.

THE COMPETITION: See how Ecotones Sound+Sleep compares to competitors in the sound / white noise machine reviews – summary.

Ratings of Sound+Sleep Machine (Ecotones)

The ratings below are based on at least 1,800 actual owner experiences and reviews collected from diverse, credible sources including online message boards and product review sections on retailers' websites.

Owner satisfaction B+ Ecotones has 88% owner satisfaction.
Price d $96-$120 is the price charged by most retailers, including Amazon. The average price of a sound / white noise machine is $56.
Value b Although the Ecotones is pricey, reviewers generally believe it to be worth the cost.
Reliability C+ About 8% of owners report problems within the first year. This rate is slightly better than that of other sound machines that use electronics to produce sound.
Sound quality A- The product uses 18-bit digital audio which is higher quality than CD audio. The result in terms of sound quality and realism is good, often better than other sound machines.
Loops not noticeable A- Most owner reviews report that there's no annoying and distracting repetition in the sounds. A small number of owners with sensitive hearing can pick up on the loops, however.
Volume potential c+ A lack of adequate volume is reported by about 6% of owners. Another complaint is an inability to determine the volume level by looking at the controls. On the favorable side, when set to adaptive mode, the Ecotones can detect background noise and then dynamically change its recordings to mask it. For example, if a police car drives by with sirens blaring, the product is designed to detect this noise and adapt its sound gradually to drown out the sirens. Ecotones also features a manual mode that provides consistent sound.
Variety of sounds b+ It plays at least ten sound recordings.
Plays nature sounds b+ It plays ten natural sound recordings including ocean, rain, brook or waterfall.
Plays white noise A It plays pure white noise as well as white, pink, and brown noise.
Footprint C+ 4.5" high and 6.3" wide.
Travel friendly B The product can operate on dual voltage making it suitable for international travel (plug adaptors not included). The product is compact (6.3" x 4.5" x 5.5") and light enough (2 lbs) to be fairly travel friendly. It does not run on batteries.
No excessive
A- Lighting from the machine can be turned off.
Timer a It features a four-level sleep timer (30, 60, 90, 120 minutes) with automatic and gradual off.
Appearance c+ Appearance is acceptable, say most owners.
Customer service a- Adaptive Sound Technologies customer support is generally considered above average.

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