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unbiased Sleeping Pill Comparison: Ambien vs Lunesta vs Melatonin

Based on 1,400 User Experiences

  Ambien Lunesta Melatonin
Overall user satisfaction c c b
Effectiveness c+ c- c+
Not addictive d b b+
No tolerance build up c- b c-
No sleepwalking d a- a
No anxiety / panic attacks b c a
No bad taste in mouth a d- c+
Difficulty waking up b a a
No drugged feeling c+ b+ b+
Not drowsy next day c c- b+
No ear ringing a b- a
No hallucinations c a- a
No headaches b+ c b+
No indigestion a b+ a-
No memory loss / amnesia d b+ a
No nausea a- b a-
No nightmares b c+ b-
No personality change b+ a a
No sleep driving b a a
No sleep eating c- a a
No sleep injury b a a
No sleep sex b+ a a
No sleep talking c a a
No strange, vivid dreams b c d
No excessive thirst a b a

About Our Unbiased Sleeping Pill Comparison

Sleep Like The Dead gathered reviews on Ambien, Lunesta and melatonin from over 1,400 actual users.

The sources of this data include dozens of online message boards as well as retailers' product review sections on their websites in which users share with others their experiences regarding their use of these products.

All collected data was spontaneously volunteered by users and was not the result of any organized, scientific data gathering effort.

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