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Sex on an Air Mattress Bed → Based on Data From Over 50 Actual Owners

Owners of airbeds, namely Sleep Number / Select Comfort, have not commented a great deal about how suitable the beds are for sex, unlike owners of memory foam mattress beds. (See sex on a memory foam mattress.)

Nevertheless, about 60% of the owners included in our research who commented on the issue say that airbeds are suitable for sex, or at least no less suitable than other bed types.

The remaining owners say that sex is not good on the beds because they say the beds have a trench or intrusion in the middle where the two air chambers meet. This, they say, makes it difficult and uncomfortable to be in the middle of the bed and causes them to have sex on one side or the other which does not leave enough room. However, the trench / intrusion in the middle can be minimized by having each side of the bed set with the same firmness level.

Other owners, while not directly mentioning sex, said that the trench / intrusion in the middle does not allow them to spoon or cuddle with their partner comfortably.

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