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unbiased Comfort Dreams Mattress Review, Ratings and Comparisons

Based on 2,131 Consumer Experiences

November 14, 2014

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Comfort Dreams mattresses have good pain-relief potential and motion isolation. Complaints for heat retention and off gassing are not widespread.

THE BAD: The mattresses are too firm for some, and their longevity is questionable. Recent price increases don't make them quite the value they once were. Overstock.com does not accept opened returns, and warranty coverage is minimal. The mattress cover is non-removable.

THE MATTRESS: Comfort Dreams (made by FXI in USA) are entry-level memory foam mattresses (like sister brand Aerus). Comfort Dreams features 2.5 to 6 inches of 2.5 to 4.0 lbs/ft memory foam over 5.5 to 8 inches of urethane support foam. The beds are used mostly for regular / permanent use, but are also popular for occasional / temporary use.

THE COMPETITION: Several memory foam bed brands are available in the price range of Comfort Dreams. See how Comfort Dreams stacks up in the memory foam mattress reviews – summary and the mattress comparison. Also see the Comfort Dreams vs Tempur-Pedic comparison.

THE RETAILER: Overstock.com and possibly others. See buying a mattress online: what you should know.

Comfort Dreams Memory Foam Mattress Ratings

The Comfort Dreams ratings below are based on 2,130+ owner / consumer reviews of various models. The data was collected using an unbiased, accurate methodology.

Owner satisfaction B Comfort Dreams has 80% owner satisfaction (80 out of 100 based on 2131 reviews). This rating is similar to that of the average memory foam mattress. The various Comfort Dreams models all tend to rate similar.

comfort dreams comparison chart
Durability / longevity C Owner experience data suggests that the mattresses have on average about five- to six-year useful life with regular use. This is similar to other mattresses in this price range. As the mattresses age, they will likely become softer and or sag.
Price B+ $270-$680 is the price range depending on model and size. Thicker models are more expensive than thinner ones.
Less pain B Owner experience data shows that the product can help to prevent and or lessen pain, including back pain. (See mattresses and pain relief for general analysis.)
Firmness variety d+ For the majority of owners, the beds are medium to firm regardless of model. About 18% of owners, however, say their bed is soft. Most owners describe the feel of Comfort Dreams as supportive yet soft. The "select-a firmness" models get their name from the fact that they are available in soft, medium or firm. Owners report, however, that there tends to be little difference between these choices and that all firmnesses tend to be more firm than soft.
Back sleep friendly b Comfort Dreams tends to be suitable for back sleepers.
Side sleep friendly c+ The tendency of the mattresses to be more firm than soft may result in less than ideal comfort for some side sleepers.
Stomach sleep friendly b Comfort Dreams tends to be suitable for stomach sleepers.
Contours to body b- Overall, the mattresses have no better than moderate contouring-to-the-body properties. Models, however, that use 4.0 lbs/ft memory foam will likely be somewhat more contouring than models that use less dense memory foam.
Easy to move on C+ Owners tend to say that they do not sink far into the bed. As a result, the mattress is usually not difficult to toss and turn on.
Motion isolation a- Like memory foam beds in general, Comfort Dreams is effective in minimizing motion transfer which results in a couple-friendly bed.
No initial odor / off gassing C- Compared to other memory foam beds, Comfort Dreams off gasses (gives off an initial smell) somewhat less than average. About 9% of owners report a significant problem. See memory foam off gassing for analysis.
No sleeping hot c Less than 5% of owners mention that the mattress acts as a heat trap to a degree that makes the bed uncomfortable.
Good for sex C+ Memory foam bed owners often have different viewpoints on this issue. (See mattresses and sex.)
No noise A The mattress is quiet under all conditions.
No rotating / flipping B- Like most memory foam beds, the mattress is one-sided. Rotating the bed from time to time may be required to avoid body indentation development and uneven wear.
Expands fully and evenly b- Like many value-priced memory foam beds, Comfort Dreams mattresses come vacuum sealed and compressed. About 5% of owners say that their mattress does not fully expand or expands unevenly potentially resulting in poor comfort.
Lightweight C+ The beds weigh between 50-85 lbs depending on model and size.
Specifications transparency B+ This rating refers to the extent a company discloses the specifications of its mattresses. The disclosing of specifications allows consumers to know what they are paying for and helps them comparison shop.
Warranty D The mattresses come with a 5-year warranty.
Return policy d- Comfort Dreams is sold mainly through Overstock.com which will not accept returns for opened memory foam mattresses.
Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating NR FXI (maker of Comfort Dreams and Aerus mattresses and toppers) currently has no BBB rating.
Sleep Like The Dead (SLTD) company rating C+ This rating evaluates FXI against its mattress competition and is based on several factors including product ratings by consumers, years in business, customer service, return policy, accuracy of marketing claims, transparency of specifications, and warranty.

Comfort Dreams Model Prices and Specifications

The following Comfort Dreams memory foam mattresses are currently sold at Overstock.com. Prices do not include a foundation. Important: The firmness description for each mattress indicates what tends to be true for owners overall; your personal evaluation may differ.

  Prices Firmness Comfort & Support Layer Base Layer Comment
8 Inch $280 twin
$280 full
$400 qn
$450 king
usually firm-med 2.5" of 4 lbs/ft memory foam 5.5" of regular foam too thin for people of above avg size (200 lbs+).
Lumbar Back Support 12 Inch $330 twin
$450 full
$515 qn
$630 king
usually firm 3" of 3 lbs/ft memory foam and 2" of support foam 6" of regular foam includes extra support foam.
Select-A-Firmness 9 Inch $270 twin
$350 full
$380 qn
$450 king
usually firm-med 3" of 3 lbs/ft memory foam 6" of regular foam thickness not ideal for people of above avg size (200 lbs+).
CoolMax 10 Inch $300 twin
$380 full
$463 qn
$500 king
usually firm-med 3" of 4 lbs/ft memory foam 7" of regular foam cover designed to regulate moisture.
Silver Treated 10 Inch $300 twin
$430 full
$470 qn
$570 king
usually firm-med 3" of 4 lbs/ft memory foam 7" of regular foam silver-treated cover has antibacterial effect.
Select-A-Firmness 11 Inch $330 twin
$380 full
$400 qn
usually med to firm regardless of firmness choice 2" of 3.5-4.0 lbs/ft memory foam;
2" of 2.5-3.0 lbs/ft memory foam
7" of regular foam most popular model; select 1 of 3 firmnesses.
Select-A-Firmness 14 Inch $417 twin
$515 full
$602 qn
$680 king
usually med to firm regardless of firmness choice 3" of 3.5-4.0 lbs/ft memory foam;
3" of 2.5-3.0 lbs/ft memory foam
8" of regular foam select 1 of 3 firmnesses; suited for larger people or anyone seeking a tall profile.

Comfort Dreams Vs Tempur-Pedic Comparison

Tempur-Pedic is often the standard by which other memory foam mattresses are judged. The table below shows how Comfort Dreams compares to Tempur-Pedic mattresses based on actual owner experiences.

Owner satisfaction B B Both have similar satisfaction rates.
Durability / longevity C B+ Tempur-Pedic likely has at least two times the lifespan of Comfort Dreams.
Price / affordability B+ D+ Avg price for Tempur-Pedic $3,239; Comfort Dreams $460.
Less pain / pressure points B B+ Tempur-Pedic's higher density foam tends to perform somewhat better.
Firmness options D+ A- Tempur-Pedic has more firmness choices.
Motion isolation A- A Slight advantage to Tempur-Pedic.
Contours to body C+ A- Tempur-Pedic tends to be significantly more pressure and temperature sensitive.
Easy to move on C+ C- Can vary by model, but Comfort Dreams overall performs better.
No initial odor C- D+ Both can have significant off gassing.
No sleeping hot C C- Can vary by model, but Comfort Dreams overall sleeps cooler.
Good for sex C+ C --
No noise A A --
Lightweight C+ D- The higher density of foam used in Tempur-Pedic means higher weight.
Specifications transparency B+ D FXI often discloses far more information about their mattresses.
Availability D A Tempur-Pedic is widely available in stores and online while Comfort Dreams is sold mostly online.
Warranty D C Tempur-Pedic's warranty is two times longer.
Density (lbs/ft) 3.0 to 4.0 2.5 to 5.3+ See memory foam density: low vs high.

About our unbiased Comfort Dreams mattress review and research

Our Comfort Dreams ratings are based on 2,130+ owner reviews of various models. Over 85% of our owner data was collected from Overstock.com. Learn more about our mattress bed research methodology and sources.


– Compared to Tempur-Pedic, Comfort Dreams has similar owner satisfaction yet likely half the longevity of Tempur-Pedic.

– Comfort Dreams is sold mainly through Overstock.com which will not accept returns for opened memory foam beds in most cases.

– The mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses to suit different body sizes. Firmness variety, on the other hand, is limited as all Comfort Dreams models tend to be more firm than soft.

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