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What You Need To Know

Synthetic melatonin supplements are often used for the treatment of insomnia (and jet lag). 85% of users find melatonin supplements to be at least partially effective.

Users generally praise melatonin for its lack of severe side effects, low cost, low addictiveness, and fast action.

User data shows that the product is fairly regularly given to children with good success overall.

Melatonin Effectiveness

Does Melatonin work? Out of the 800+ users included in the data, 536 indicated that Melatonin is effective; 177 said that it worked just OK; and 123 said it was not effective.

In other words, 64% said it was effective; 21% said it was OK; and 15% said it was not.

Effective    64 percent
Works just OK    21 percent
Not effective    15 percent


These users say that taking melatonin results in a full night's sleep, or at least enough sleep so that the user can function reasonably well the following day. These users include those who use the product only occasionally as well as those who use it on a daily basis.

Works OK
These users say that taking melatonin provides some relief from insomnia. These users include the following: those who say that melatonin is effective at first, but then loses much of its effectiveness after taking it regularly; those who say that the product makes them relaxed but does not cause them to fall asleep, and; those who say that melatonin causes them to fall asleep for only 3-4 hours, not the entire night.

Not effective
These users say that melatonin provides little or no relief from insomnia, regardless of the dosage taken.

Melatonin Side Effects

15-20% of melatonin users report experiencing one or more of the following side effects.

Vivid dreams    170 Users
Nightmares    30 Users
Grogginess    18 Users
Headache    16 Users
Stomach ache    12 Users

It should be noted that several users report a lessening of the above side effects by lowering the dosage taken.

Melatonin Addiction

Less than 2% of the users in our research report having an addiction to melatonin.

Addiction in this case can mean that no longer taking the pill results in withdrawal, including any or all of the following symptoms: headaches, muscle aches, body pains, irritability, inability to concentrate, depression, grogginess, ringing ears, twitches, sweats, rashes, and anxiety / panic attacks. (This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of symptoms.)

Addiction can also mean dependence in that one sleeps worse for sometime upon ending the use of the pill than he or she did before starting use. Finally, a strong desire to take the pill for the "high" or feeling it provides can also possibly be considered addiction.

Melatonin Tolerance

20% of users in our research report that they developed a tolerance to melatonin.

This means that the pill would lose at least some of its effectiveness when taken regularly and that increasing the dosage would be needed to maintain the pill's ability to help one sleep.

The vast majority of those who reported developing a tolerance were those who took the pill regularly. The majority of long-term users of melatonin, however, reported developing little if any tolerance to the product.

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About Our Melatonin Research

Sleep Like The Dead gathered reviews and comments about Melatonin from over 800 users of the supplement from diverse, credible sources including online message boards and product review sections of retailers' website.

Our research finding are discussed below and are organized into four sections: Effectiveness, Side Effects, Addiction, Tolerance and Brand Ratings.

All collected data was spontaneously volunteered by users and was not the result of any organized, scientific data gathering effort. For more scientific findings on melatonin, click here.


– People who are not stressed or ill and still can't sleep well, either occasionally or regularly, should practice proper sleep hygiene before resorting to sleeping pills.

– Stubborn cases of long-term sleeplessness or chronic insomnia is often best treated through the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. (Read a CBT success story.)

Melatonin has about 64% user satisfaction. (64 out of 100 based on 839 reviews.)

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