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unbiased Stearns & Foster Mattress Review, Ratings and Comparison

Based on 265 Actual Consumer Experiences

August 5, 2014

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Stearns & Foster mattresses have an upscale appearance and are often made with a significant amount of luxurious material. A variety of models are available to suit many personal preferences.

THE BAD: They have below-average owner satisfaction due mainly to below-average longevity / durability. Both price and weight can be considerable.

THE MATTRESS: Stearns & Foster beds use individually wrapped coils for primary support and may contain regular foam, memory foam, gel memory foam, latex, cotton, wool, cashmere, horsehair and silk in the comfort layer and or cover.

THE COMPANY: Stearns & Foster is made by Sealy, Inc. which has been in business since 1906 and is headquartered in North Carolina.

THE COMPETITION: Main competition includes mid- to high-priced Simmons and Serta innerspring mattresses as well as Tempur-Pedic beds. See how Stearns & Foster compares to the competition in the Innerspring Mattress Reviews - Summary and Mattress Comparison.

Stearns & Foster Mattress Ratings Report

The Stearns & Foster innerspring mattress ratings report below is based on over 260 owner experiences for models Estate, Lux Estate, Signature as well as renamed and somewhat altered versions of these models sold by various retailers. Discontinued models may also be included in the ratings. Learn more about our mattress research methodology and sources.

Owner satisfaction d Stearns & Foster mattresses overall as a group have 59% owner satisfaction. (59 out of 100 based on 265 reviews.) The various Stearns & Foster models appear to rate similar to one another.

stearns foster chart
Durability / longevity d Sagging or development of body impressions is the main cause of owner dissatisfaction. At least 20% of Stearns & Foster owners report the problem occurring within three years of ownership. Many models have a thick comfort layer (i.e., pillow top), and this likely is a factor in their having below-average durability. See the truth about pillow top mattresses.
Price / affordability d Stearns & Foster mattresses are often priced between $1,150-$4,700 depending on size and model. Owner experience data suggests that buying a more expensive Stearns & Foster does not tend to result in higher satisfaction.
Less pain / pressure C- Due mainly to sagging and loss of support, about 15% of owners report that their mattress causes pain, such as back pain.
Firmness options a- Several models are available ranging from soft to firm.
Motion isolation b Stearns and Foster mattresses overall tend to perform better than average in absorbing movement from one person so that another person on the bed is not disturbed.
No initial odor / off gassing c+ Models with significant amounts of memory foam and or latex are more likely to off gas initially.
No sleeping hot c+ Stearns & Foster models with memory foam or latex in the comfort layer are more likely to retain heat.
Good for sex c Sagging of the bed may cause romantic activity to be uncomfortable and difficult to perform. (See mattresses and sex for analysis).
No noise b- Less than 3% of consumers report significant noise coming from their mattress.
No rotating / flipping c The beds are no-flip, but owners sometimes report rotating their mattresses in an attempt to minimize sagging and wear. This can be difficult to do given their weight.
Lightweight d Stearns & Foster beds tend to be thicker and, therefore, heavier than many mattresses.
Specifications transparency B- Stearns & Foster (Sealy) tends to do an above average job of disclosing the specifications of its mattresses, including layer thickness and material composition. The disclosing of specifications allows consumers to know what they are paying for and helps them to comparison shop.
Warranty C The warranty has recently been reduced from 25 years with the first 10-15 years non-prorated to 10 years total, full non-prorated coverage. (See mattress warranties: what you should know.)
Customer service c At least 7% of owners are not pleased with Stearns & Foster (Sealy) customer service mainly because of a lack of resolution regarding sagging and warranty claims.
Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating A+ Stearns & Foster is made by Sealy which currently has an "A+" rating. The number of BBB complaints filed against Sealy has fallen significantly in the past two years. Sealy's rating historically has been somewhat less than stable.
Sleep Like The Dead (SLTD) Company Rating C SLTD rating of "C" for Sealy, Inc. is based on several factors including product ratings by consumers, years in business, customer service, transparency of specifications, warranty, BBB rating and rating stability, number of BBB complaints / business size ratio.

Video: Sleep Like The Dead Editor discusses Stearns & Foster Research

About our unbiased Stearns & Foster Bed review and research

The Stearns & Foster innerspring mattress ratings are based on over 260 owner experiences.

Models included in our research include Estate, Lux Estate, Signature and others.

Over 75% of our Stearns and Foster owner experience data was collected from dozens of different online discussion groups. The remaining data was collected from product review web sites.

Learn more about our mattress research methodology and sources.

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