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unbiased Simmons Beautyrest & Beautysleep Mattress Review, Ratings, Comparisons

Based on 645 Owner Experiences Gathered From 253 Sources

August 17, 2015

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Beautyrest and Beautysleep often have wide availability and come in a variety of firmness, comfort and price levels. Reports of excessive heat retention and initial off gassing odor are limited.

THE BAD: They have questionable durability / longevity – as do innerspring beds overall. Simmons has a relatively high number of Better Business Bureau complaints.

THE MATTRESSES: Beautyrest and Beautysleep are made by Simmons which has been in business since 1870. Pocket coils are often used for support, but some models use open coils or foam. Comfort layer material can include regular foam, gel-infused regular foam, memory foam, gel-infused memory foam, and (micro) diamond-infused memory foam.

THE COMPETITION: Sealy and Serta are the main competition. See the innerspring mattress reviews – summary or the mattress comparison for how Simmons compares to these and other competitors.

THE SIMMONS ALTERNATIVES: Simmons ComforPedic, ComforPedic IQ and Curve are non-innerspring offerings that rate somewhat better than Simmons innerspring beds.

Beautyrest and Beautysleep Research Video Summary


Ratings Summary
Complaints and Praises
Owner Satisfaction
Longevity and Durability
Affordability and Price
(Back) Pain Relief
Conforming Ability
Motion Isolation
Initial Odor / Off Gassing
Sleeping Hot / Heat Retention
Easy to Move On / Get Up Off
Love Making Suitability
Large Person Friendly
Company Reputation
Model Prices, Specifications & Comments

Beautyrest & Beautysleep Mattress Ratings Summary

The summary below – based on a total sample of 640+ owner experiences – rates and compares Simmons Beautysleep and Simmons Beautyrest models (Recharge, World Class, Hybrid, Memory Foam Plus, and Black). Ratings are for the model lineup overall as a group; individual models may rate somewhat differently.

  beauty sleep* beautyrest recharge / world class** beautyrest Recharge Hybrid* beautyrest Recharge Memory Foam Plus*** beauty- rest black*
Sample 36 479 81 -- 44
Owner satisfaction d+ d+ c- C+ c-
Durability / longevity d D+ c- C- c
Price b+ c+ c C+ d+
Less (back) pain c- c C+ C+ c+
Conforming D C B- B B
Support C- C+ B- B B
Motion isolation c b b A- b
No off gassing b B- c+ C+ c
Not a heat trap b B- c- C- c-
Easy to move on B C+ C- C C-
Good for sex B- C c C c
Large person friendly D C B B- B
No noise c B B A- B
Edge support B- B B B B-
Easy to lift, handle, move b C+ c- C- d
Specs disclosed B- B- B- B- B-
Availability c A A- C b-
Warranty c C C C C
Firmness options B- A a- D+ a

* This model currently has a fairly small, statistically insignificant sample size due to model newness and or low sales volume. Ratings are based on this sample and possibly the owner experiences of similar discontinued models. Some ratings may also be based in part on the estimate of Sleep Like The Dead.

** Included in the sample size of the Recharge and Recharge World Class are similar but discontinued models, namely Classic, Elite and Exceptionale.

*** This is a new model with little or no owner experience data currently available. Ratings are largely based on Comforpedic which is a similar mattress made by Simmons. Actual ratings may vary.

Simmons Beautyrest / Beautysleep Complaints

Durability and longevity problems make up over 50% of the complaints from Simmons Beautyrest / Beautysleep consumers. This rate, however, is often common for innerspring bed brands.

simmons beautyrest complaints

Simmons Beautyrest / Beautysleep Praises

Initial comfort / pain relief, better sleep, and good motion isolation make up about 70% of the praises from Beautyrest / Beautysleep consumers.

simmons beautyrest pros

Owner Satisfaction

Simmons innerspring mattresses overall as a group have 63% owner satisfaction (63 out of 100 based on 645 reviews). Owner satisfaction can differ somewhat by model. All Simmons innerspring models rate below most non-innerspring mattresses (memory foam, latex and air.) See the mattress comparison for details.

simmons beautyrest owner satisfaction comparison chart

* Like other low-priced mattresses, Beautysleep is used in about 30% of cases only temporary / occasionally or by a child / teen. In these cases, owner satisfaction is higher – around 78%.

** partial estimate

Owner Satisfaction by Year

Like most innerspring mattresses, satisfaction is often high for the first year and then falls at a rate faster than mattresses overall due mainly to sagging / poor longevity.

beautyrest satisfaction by year

Longevity / Durability

As is true with most innerspring mattresses, at least 22% of Beautyrest and Beautysleep owners report sagging occurring to an extent that makes the mattress significantly less comfortable and supportive within the first 3-4 years. Models with a thick pillow top or thick comfort layer appear to have the most problem with sagging. (See the truth about pillow top mattresses.)

Firm models – models without a pillow top or much padding – tend to have somewhat fewer sagging complaints, but they too can sag significantly.

A person's size / weight does not appear to be a major factor in regard to whether and to what extent a Beautyrest or Beautysleep may sag.

Couples report about 50% more sagging / body impression problems than single people. This may be due to the fact that a single person is more likely over time to use the entire mattress surface resulting in more even wear, while a couple is more likely to sleep on the sides with the middle getting only limited use resulting in uneven wear.

Ownership Length

On average, consumers report keeping their Simmons mattress for about six years with regular use. Some consumers keep the mattress for considerably longer than six years and some for considerably less time. Using the mattress only temporarily or occasionally will tend to result in an extended lifespan.

simmons beautyrest longevity
* partial estimate

Affordability and Price

Firm, entry-level Beautysleep and Beautyrest models can start as low as $400 (queen), while the more luxurious and thicker models, especially the Black, can cost $2,500 or more – not including a foundation.

simmons beautyrest prices

See Beautysleep / Beautyrest Prices and Specifications for more details.

(Back) Pain Relief

Owners often report good initial pain relief from their Simmons mattress, including back pain relief.

However, the prevention and reduction of pain is generally not a long-term strength of the beds (nor is it a strength of innerspring mattresses in general). This is because sagging, including the development of body impressions, may lead to pain including back pain. At least 16% of Simmons owners claim that mattress sagging is a cause of their (back) pain. (See Mattresses and Pain Relief for general analysis.)

simmons beautyrest pain
* partial estimate

Conforming Ability

A conforming mattress is one that molds and contours to the sleeper's body. Such a mattress, owner experience data suggests, supports one's body weight more equally and has more of a cradling, cloud-like, pressure-relieving feel than a non-conforming mattress.

Memory foam tends to provide the most noticeable conforming support. And how much memory foam is present is an important factor in how conforming the mattress is.

Beautysleep models tend to have little if any memory foam content, meaning they provide minimal conforming support. On the other hand, Beautyrest may have fairly significant memory foam content (depending on the model) and therefore significant conforming support. Models with at least two inches of memory foam tend to have the most conforming potential.

simmons beautyrest pain


The higher coil count and superior coil systems often found in the more expensive Simmons models tend to result in above-average support. Mattress sagging, however, can significantly undermine the ability of the mattress to properly bear the weight of the sleeper.

simmons support
* partial estimate

Motion Isolation

Beautyrest models are mostly effective in isolating movement made by one person so that another person on the bed is not disturbed. Put differently, they tend to minimize bounce. As a result, Beautyrest has above average couple friendliness in this regard.

simmons motion isolation
* partial estimate

Initial Odor / Off Gassing

Beautyrest and Beautysleep tend to not have a significant problem with off gassing as only about 5% of owners overall report the problem. Off gassing is a chemical-like odor that a mattress can give off when it is new due to the packaging and or manufacturing process. (See mattress off gassing for general analysis.)

beautyrest off gassing odor
* partial estimate

Sleeping Hot / Heat Retention

Overall, about 6% of owners report a sleeping hot problem. Models that have significant memory foam or those with a thick pillow top have the most potential to retain heat to an uncomfortable extent.

simmons sleeping hot / heat
* partial estimate

Ease Of Moving On And Getting Up Off

Models with thicker comfort layers – especially those with at least two inches of memory foam – can cause the sleeper to sink into the bed to some extent. This can make moving on the bed, changing positions and getting up off of the bed difficult for some people. Those owners who change positions frequently, are weak from sickness or injury, or are elderly usually have the most complaints regarding difficulty of movement.

simmons ease of moving on
* partial estimate

Love Making Suitability

Innerspring beds in general tend to have somewhat above average ratings on this issue mainly because of the bounce action they provide. The Beautyrest, however, with its motion-isolating pocket coil design or foam design tends to limit bounce.

simmons love making suitable
* partial estimate

More info: Mattresses and Sex Comparison

Large Person Friendly

Beautyrest models, owner experience data suggests, are better suited for larger people (220+ lbs) than Beautysleep models especially over the long term. This may be due to Beautyrest's higher coil count.

simmons large person suitable
* partial estimate


The coils inside the Simmons Beautyrest can occasionally make a popping or clunking sound – especially as the mattress ages – say about 4% of owners. The Beautysleep, limited owner experience data suggests, is somewhat more likely to produce noise. It should be noted that noise in at least some cases may not be coming from the mattress at all but rather from the foundation or bed frame.

beautyrest noise
* partial estimate.

Easy to Lift, Handle, Move

Thicker and more expensive Simmons models, especially the Black which can be up to 17 inches thick, can weigh considerably more than thinner, less expensive models. Heavy weight can make changing linens as well as transporting, rotating or moving the bed difficult.

beautyrest weight


Simmons provides 10 years total, non-prorated coverage – like competitors Sealy and Serta.

beautyrest warranty comparison

At least 15% of Simmons innerspring mattress owners complain that the warranty is lacking in regard to coverage for sagging. This is generally a complaint for all innerspring mattress brands.

simmons sagging coverage

More info: Mattress Warranties: What You Should Know.

Company Reputation

Customer Service

The majority of owners who rate Simmons customer service say it is no better than fair – usually due to a perceived lack of help in durability problems.

simmons customer service

Specifications Transparency

This rating refers to what extent Simmons discloses the specifications of its Beautyrest and Beautysleep mattresses. Simmons tends to do a fair to good job of providing thickness measurements for the various layers of its mattresses, but details on the makeup of the materials is limited. As a result, comparison shopping and making an informed buying decision can be somewhat impeded.

simmons transparency

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating

Simmons currently has an "A+" rating with the BBB. Learn more about BBB ratings and what they mean.

simmons bbb rating

BBB Rating Stability

BBB rating stability can be an indicator of a company's consistency and long-term commitment to the customer. Simmons' rating has fluctuated significantly in the past but has become more stable in the past two years.

serta bbb rating stability

Number of BBB Complaints

Simmons has had 165 complaints filed against it over the past three years. This number is above average for a mattress manufacturer the size of Simmons. Most complaints against the company are for warranty and product quality issues (as is the case for Sealy and Serta).

simmons complaints

SLTD Company Rating

SLTD (Sleep Like The Dead) rating for Simmons is a "C" based on the following ratings (1 = poor, 10 = excellent).

Product Ratings 5
Customer Service 4
Return Policy 5
Time in Business 10
Warranty 5
Specs Disclosed 6
Marketing Accuracy 6
BBB Rating 10
BBB Rating Stability 5
Number of BBB Complaints / Business Size Ratio 3

86-100 = A+ • 81-85 = A • 77-80 = A- • 73-76 = B+ • 69-72 = B • 65-68 = B- • 61-64 = C+ • 57-60 = C • 53-56 = C- • 49-52 = D+ • 45-48 = D

sltd rating

Mattress Model Prices, Specifications and Comments

Keep in mind

- Prices below are for a mattress only, not a foundation which often costs an additional $100-$300 depending on size.

- Price ranges below are due to the availability of different models within each line. Models in the higher end of a price range tend to be thicker and or have better material / design.

- Prices below are what tends to be the retail price, not necessarily the price actually paid.

Beauty Sleep Beautyrest Recharge Beautyrest Recharge World Class Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid beautyrest Recharge Memory Foam Plus Beautyrest Black
Mattress Type          
innerspring innerspring innerspring or hybrid depending on model. hybrid foam hybrid
Price Twin          
$300- $500 $400- $850 $600- $1300 $750- $1800 $675- $1400 $1350- $3700
Price Full          
$350- $650 $450- $1000 $800- $1400 $800- $1900 $900- $1650 $1525- $4150
Price Queen          
$375- $675 $500- $1100 $825- $1500 $900- $2100 $940- $1770 $1600- $4300
Price King          
$450- $950 $675- $1400 $1100- $1800 $1100- $2600 $1200- $2100 $1900- $5050
10-15" 11-14.5" 12.5-17" 11.5-15.5" 10.5-13.5" 12-17"
open coil or wrapped coil pocket coil pocket coil pocket coil foam advanced pocket coil
Comfort Layer          
2.5-5.5" of regular foam

memory foam in center third of mattress (select models)
3-5" of regular foam

.5-2" of regular gel foam2

memory foam (select models)

3-4" of regular foam

.5-3" of gel memory foam2

1-2" of memory foam (select models)

.75" of gel regular foam2 (select models)

micro coils (select models)3
1.5-2.5" of memory foam

.5-2" of gel memory foam2

regular foam

micro coils (select models)3
1-2.5" of memory foam

2-5" of gel memory foam

.5" of latex (select models)
.5-2.5" of memory foam

.5-.75" of gel regular foam2

1.5" of regular foam

1-2" of latex (select models)

2" of micro diamond- infused memory foam (select models)4

micro coils (select models)3
medium-soft to firm mostly medium to firm soft to firm medium-soft to firm mostly medium soft to firm
3-10 year non-prorated 10 year non-prorated 10 year non-prorated 10 year non-prorated 10 year non-prorated 10 year non-prorated
Main Compe- tition          
Serta- pedic

Sealy Brand
Serta Perfect Sleeper

Serta iSeries

Sealy Posture- pedic
Serta iSeries

Sealy Posture- pedic
Serta iSeries

Posture- pedic Hybrid

Other hybrid mattresses
Serta iComfort

Sealy Optimum
Serta iSeries

Other hybrid mattresses
Likely best suited for temporary / occasional use or use by child / teen. Decent value potential. Similar to Recharge but has gel memory foam and at least 20% higher coil count.
Most models have 3" or less of memory foam. Unlike other models, foam is used for support – not springs. Has the most advanced materials and design among Simmons models.

1 Learn more about these coil types and how they compare to others.

2 Gel-infused foam (regular or memory) likely sleeps cooler longer than non-gel-infused foam. Learn more.

3 Microcoils are an extra layer of low-profile pocket coils.

4 This memory foam is infused with diamond particles for the purpose of conducting and dispersing heat; its effectiveness according to owner experiences is unclear at this time.

5 Back sleepers tend to prefer medium to firm; side sleepers, medium to soft; stomach sleepers, medium.

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About our unbiased Simmons Innerspring Mattress review and research

Ratings are based on 640+ owner experiences of various Simmons models including but not necessarily limited to Beautysleep, Beautyrest Hybrid, Black, Recharge, Recharge World Class, Classic, Elite, Exceptionale.

Simmons owner experience data was gathered from diverse and credible sources. Learn more about our mattress research methodology and sources.


– About one-quarter of Simmons innerspring mattress consumers report sagging or body impressions developing within the first 36 months of ownership. This rate is similar to that of other innerspring mattress brands.

– A sleeper's size and weight tend to not be significant factors in regard to whether and how much the Simmons may sag / develop impressions.

– About 10% of owners of models that have two or more inches of memory foam report sleeping hot. This rate is about twice that of models that have little or no memory foam.

– Beautysleep mattresses are likely best suited for temporary / occasional use or child use – like most other value-priced mattresses.

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