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unbiased Kingsdown Innerspring Mattress Review, Ratings and Comparison

Based on 218 Actual Consumer Experiences

December 10, 2014

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Kingsdown mattresses have above average motion isolation and few reports of heat retention and initial odor. Kingsdown has available a diagnostic system that creates a personal profile to chose a properly suited mattress.

THE BAD: At least 20% of owners report sagging and or the development of body impressions occurring within the first three years of ownership (a rate similar to that of innerspring bed brands in general). Availability can be limited.

THE COMPETITION: Kingsdown's main competitors are Sealy, Simmons and Serta. See how Kingsdown compares to these and other competing brands in the innerspring mattress reviews – summary and the mattress comparisons.

THE COMPANY: Like most of its main competition, Kingsdown has been in business for over a century. Its headquarters is in Mebane, North Carolina. In addition to innerspring mattresses (Sleeping Beauty, Passions, Tradition, Haute Couture, Sleep To Live), the company sells foam mattresses (Blu-Tek, Sleep To Live) as well as air-based beds (Sleep Smart).

THE RETAILERS: Major retailers include Sleepy's and Sit n' Sleep.

Kingsdown Mattress Ratings

The ratings below are based on over 215 actual consumer reviews of various innerspring models including Kingsdown brand models, Sleeping Beauty, Passions, Tradition, Haute Couture, and Sleep To Live. The data was collected using an unbiased, accurate methodology.

Owner satisfaction d Kingsdown innerspring mattresses have 63% owner satisfaction. (63 out of 100 based on 218 reviews). Read more.
Durability / longevity d+ Kingsdown's below-average owner satisfaction is due mostly to the fact that at least 22% of consumers report a loss of support and comfort due to sagging / development of body impressions occurring within the first three years. This rate is similar to that of innerspring mattresses in general.
Affordability c Kingsdown models tend to be priced $800-$3300 for a queen. This price range is similar to that of its main competition, namely Sealy, Serta and Simmons.
Less pain / pressure points c When the mattress is new, consumers generally report that their Kingsdown has good to excellent comfort and pain-relief potential. But within the first three years, at least 15% of owners report pain, including back pain, due to sagging / loss of support. (See mattresses and pain relief for general analysis.)
Firmness options C+ Consumers tend to report the availability of firm and soft models, but limited middle firmness model options.
Motion isolation b Kingsdown's individually wrapped coils offer above average effectiveness in isolating movement of one person so that another person on the bed is not greatly disturbed.
No initial odor / off gassing C+ No more than 5% of owners report off gassing which is a chemical-like odor a mattress can give off when it is new.
No sleeping hot b- No more than 5% of owners report that their bed sleeps hot enough to be uncomfortable.
Good for sex c+ Sagging of the mattress and body impression development can make intimate activities difficult and uncomfortable to perform. And the energy absorbing action of the individually wrapped coils may limit a bounce effect. (See mattresses and sex for analysis).
No noise B Like innerspring beds in general, the mattress can make noise under certain conditions, but the problem is not common.
No rotating / flipping c+ Kingsdown beds have a no-flip design. However, at least 10% of owners report the need to rotate their mattress at least occasionally to combat uneven wear and sagging.
Lightweight c- The beds are about average weight compared to innerspring mattresses overall.
Specs disclosed c This rating refers to how much and how effectively Kingsdown discloses the specifications of its mattresses. The disclosing of specifications allows consumers to know what they are paying for and helps them to comparison shop.
Warranty C+ Kingsdown beds come with a 10-year to lifetime warranty depending on the model. For a mattress company of its size, Kingsdown has a fairly high number of Better Business Bureau complaints regarding warranty issues. (See mattress warranties: what you should know.)
Availability c- In some markets, Kingsdown mattresses may be difficult to locate.
Customer service c The company performs about average in regard to customer service.
Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating a+ Kingsdown has an "A+" rating with the BBB. 32 complaints have been filed against the company in the past three years (14 in the past year), most of which are related to warranty issues.
Sleep Like The Dead (SLTD) Rating C SLTD rating of "C" for Kingsdown is based on a combination of factors including product ratings by consumers, years in business, customer service, accuracy of marketing claims, transparency of specifications, warranty, Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and rating stability, number of BBB complaints / business size ratio.

Owner Satisfaction Comparison

Kingsdown innerspring mattresses have 63% owner satisfaction. This rate is average for an innerspring mattress and below average compared to all mattresses overall (innerspring, memory foam, latex, air, futon).

kingsdown comparison chart

Sleep Like The Dead Editor Discusses Kingsdown Mattress Research

About our unbiased Kingsdown mattress review and research

Our Kingsdown innerspring mattress ratings are based on 215+ consumer reviews of several models including Kingsdown brand and Sleep To Live models.

Most Kingsdown consumer experience data was collected from online message boards and product review websites.

Learn more about our mattress research methodology.


– At least 20% of Kingsdown innerspring bed owners report sagging of the mattress occurring within three years of ownership, a rate that is similar to that of other innerspring mattress brands.

– Sagging causes at least some discomfort and pain, including back pain, for 15 percent or more of Kingsdown owners.

– Few Kingsdown consumers report a significant problem with their mattress acting as a trap for their body heat.

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