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unbiased Essentia Mattress Review, Ratings and Comparisons

Based on 43 Actual Consumer Experiences

August 26, 2015

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: In addition to comfort potential, Essentia mattresses have no rubbery feel, are fairly easy to move on / get up off, and have few off gassing reports.

THE BAD: Most models cost at least 30% more than many competing latex mattresses with similar specifications and owner satisfaction.

THE MATTRESS: Essentia (in business since 2006 and headquartered in Quebec, Canada) makes mid- to luxury-level latex mattresses. The seven Essentia models are eight-inches thick and consist of 1-5 inches of "natural memory foam" over a natural dunlop latex core (or cotton core in the Grateful model). "Natural memory foam" is, in fact, a latex foam that is touted to combine the naturalness of latex with the comfort of memory foam.

THE COMPETITION: Essentia often competes with latex-hybrid mattresses and mid- to high-priced memory foam beds, namely Tempur-Pedic. See the side-by-side mattress comparison for how Essentia compares to other brands.

Essentia Mattress Ratings

The Essentia mattress report below is based on at least 40 consumer reviews of models Grateful, Tatami, Classic 8, Energie Opus, Beausommet, Dormeuse, Dormeuse Fior and discontinued models. The data was gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology.

Owner satisfaction B Essentia mattresses overall have 83% owner satisfaction. Learn more.
Durability / longevity B- Long-term longevity data for the mattress is not plentiful. What data is available shows Essentia to have about an average lifespan compared to latex and memory foam mattresses overall and an above-average lifespan compared to all mattresses overall.
Price D Prices are $1275-$7380 depending on the model and size. This is more than double the price of the average mattress and 30%+ more than the price of many competing latex mattresses with similar specifications and owner satisfaction.
Less pain / pressure points B Essentia performs well overall on the issue of pain relief, including back pain relief. It also tends to perform well on the issue of minimizing pressure points. (See mattresses and pain relief for general analysis.)
Firmness options b+ Firmness ranges from soft-medium to firm depending on the model.
Motion isolation B Due to their latex content, Essentia mattresses generally keep movement localized which makes them couple friendly.
No initial odor / off gassing c+ Reports of the mattresses having an initial rubber-like or musty smell are somewhat common. But there are few if any complaints regarding off gassing which is the release of a chemical-like odor.
Easy to move on B- Essentia beds are generally considered easier to move on and get up off than high-density memory foam beds, such as certain Tempur-Pedic models.
No sleeping hot c About 5% of owners report that their mattress acts as a heat trap.
No noise A Like all latex mattresses, Essentia mattresses are silent.
Large person friendly c The beds are eight-inches thick which may not be ideal for people 220 lbs+.
Easy to lift, handle, move D+ Like most latex mattresses, the beds have substantial weight making them difficult to transport and maneuver especially for one person.
Warranty b+ The warranty length for all models is 20 years with the first 10 non-prorated. (See mattress warranties: what you should know.)
Return policy C 60 days. All returns or exchanges require a transportation and recycling fee which is 9-18% of the mattress price depending on the model. Therefore, the cost to the consumer to return the mattress is $115 to $645. (See returning a mattress: what you should know.)
Customer service b Customer service is generally good with some inconsistencies, owner experience data suggests.
Availability in stores d+ There are a total of about a dozen retailers in the US and Canada. The mattresses are also available online. See buying a mattress online: what you should know.

Owner Satisfaction Comparison

Essentia mattresses overall have 83% owner satisfaction. This rate is somewhat above average compared to latex mattresses overall (80%) and well above average compared to all mattresses overall (72%) which includes innerspring, memory foam, latex, air, futon.

essentia comparison chart

Based on the history of similar mattresses, it is possible that as long-term owner experience data becomes available Essentia owner satisfaction will decrease by two to four percentage points.

About our unbiased Essentia mattress review and research

Our Essentia mattress ratings are based on 40+ owner reviews of Grateful, Tatami, Classic 8, Energie Opus, Beausommet, Dormeuse, Dormeuse Fior and discontinued models.

The owner experience data was gathered from diverse, credible sources, namely online message boards.


– The return policy for an Essentia mattress is 60 days. All returns or exchanges require a transportation and recycling fee which is at least nine percent of the retail price.

– Although Essentia says their beds are memory foam, they are in fact latex mattresses that have memory foam-like properties.

– High price is the top complaint of Essentia mattress owners. Prices overall are at least twice that of the average mattress.

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