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unbiased Innomax (Dual Digital) Airbed Review & Comparison

Based on 166 Consumer Experiences

February 19, 2014
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What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Innomax air beds are competitive with more expensive air bed brands, including Sleep Number. The beds offer adjustable firmness for each side. Pain-relief and comfort potential are above average.

THE BAD: Noise, durability, padding layer quality, and thinner-than-stated mattress thickness are main consumer complaints. The beds may lack some features available on pricier brands. Availability in stores is limited.

THE BEDS: Innomax airbeds use air chambers for main support instead of springs or foam. An electric air pump can adjust firmness by adding or removing air from the mattress. Assembly is required. Innomax has been in business since 1975.

THE RETAILERS: The beds are sold at Samsclub.com under the name "dual digital air beds" and at AirBedsUnlimited.com (Series 4 - Series 9). They are also sold at Airbeds.com and at a limited number of other retailers.

THE COMPETITION: Sleep Number, Comfortaire and several lesser-known air bed brands. See the Air Bed Reviews – Summary and the Mattress Comparison for a detailed comparison based on actual owner experiences.

Ratings For Innomax (Dual Digital) Air Beds

The Innomax (Dual Digital) air bed ratings below are based on 160+ consumer reviews of various models, especially those available or previously available at Samsclub.com. The data was gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology.

Owner satisfaction b- Dual Digital / Innomax air beds overall have 77% owner satisfaction (77 out of 100 based on 166 reviews). The various Innomax models tend to rate similar to one another.

innomax comparison chart
Durability c Like air beds in general, 20%+ of owners report at least one problem developing over the course of ownership, usually related to hose connections, pumps or controllers. Nevertheless, most Dual Digital / Innomax air bed owners praise the bed for the quality of its components. In fact, Innomax owners who have also owned a Sleep Number bed often say that Innomax has better quality.
Longevity / lifespan b+ Any durability problem can be fairly easily repaired by the bed's owner with replacement parts sent from Innomax. (Replacement parts may be at least partially covered under warranty.) This ability to repair the beds tends to give them an above average lifespan.
Affordability b- Prices often range from $600-$2500 depending on the model and bed size. The more expensive models tend to have thicker comfort layers.
Less pain / pressure points B At least 20% of owners say the bed relieves pain, especially back pain and pressure points. This percent is similar to that of other air bed brands. (See mattresses and pain relief for more analysis.)
Adjustable firmness b- Firmness is adjustable by adding or removing air with the electric pump. Fifty different settings are often possible compared to 20 settings on the Sleep Number bed. Nevertheless, about 15% of owners report a lack of adjustment range and specificity.
Firmness options b- Due to differences in comfort layer thickness, firmness can vary somewhat by model. Models with a thicker comfort layer are softer.
Even and unobstructed sleep surface, i.e., no middle problem B+ Some air beds, namely the Sleep Number bed, may have an uneven sleep surface due mainly to the presence of an intrusion where the two air chambers meet. Innomax air beds, by contrast, have few reports of this problem.
Motion isolation b Motion isolation – the isolating of movement made by one person so that another person on the bed is not disturbed – is usually a strength for air beds with dual air chambers.
Back sleep suitable b The bed is generally suitability for back sleepers.
Side sleep suitable c+ Side sleepers, owner data experience suggests, may find the thinner / less expensive models to be excessively firm.
Stomach sleep suitable b There are few complaints regarding the bed's suitability for stomach sleepers.
No initial odor / off gassing b- The beds may have a rubber smell when new. Overall, however, there are few complaints.
No sleeping hot or cold b Less than 5% of owners report their bed sleeping hot or sleeping cold. Models with memory foam may be somewhat more likely to retain heat.
Good for sex b- No noticeable intrusion in the middle of the bed helps the Dual Digital / Innomax air bed to be at least somewhat more suitable than the Sleep Number bed for spooning and cuddling in the bed's middle and for using the entire bed for romance. (See the mattress and sex comparison.)
No noise d- The air pumps can make significant noise when in use, say 20%+ of owners. Using the pumps in the night may wake one's partner. Other air bed brands tend to have a similar complaint rate regarding pump noise.
No rotating / flipping b The core of the beds do not need to be flipped and or rotated to avoid sagging and loss of support. The comfort layer may benefit from occasional rotating / flipping.
Lightweight c+ Since the mattresses consist of air to a significant degree, they are often lighter than other bed types. About 12% of owners say that the low weight is an advantage because it makes moving / transporting the bed less difficult.
No assembly required d Like nearly all air beds, the Dual Digital / Innomax bed requires assembly taking about one to two hours to complete.
Availability d+ The beds are often available only online, such as Samsclub.com. (See buying a mattress online: what you should know.)
Warranty d+ Innomax air beds tend to have a 10-25-year warranty depending on the model. There tends to be 10-year limited coverage on the mattress cover and edge support and 20-year limited coverage on the power pack pump and air chambers. This warranty, like those for other air beds, has a short or no non-prorated period. This means that for most if not all of the warranty period, you pay at least some of the cost to repair the bed. (See mattress warranties: what you should know.)
Customer service b- Innomax customer service gets mixed to overall positive reviews.
Better Business Bureau rating A+ Innomax has an "A+" with the BBB and is accredited. Its rating has remained stable for several years.
SLTD rating B SLTD Rating is Sleep Like The Dead's rating of a company. It is based on a combination of factors including product ratings by consumers, years in business, customer service, return policy, accuracy of marketing claims, warranty, Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and rating stability, number of BBB complaints / business size ratio.

Main Differences and Similarities Vs Sleep Number

Owner Satisfaction

The two brands score nearly identical.

Durability / Longevity

The two brands score nearly identical.


Innomax airbeds tend to be about 30% less expensive than similarly equipped Sleep Number beds.

Middle design

Innomax has fewer complaints regarding the middle of the bed where the air chambers meet.


Innomax airbeds have a wired remote, while Sleep Number beds have a wireless remote. The advantages of a wired remote are it won't get lost and needs no batteries. The advantage of wireless is there is no wire to impede ease of operation.

Number of settings

Sleep Number beds have 20 settings vs 50 for Innomax. Owner experience data, however, suggests that having more settings is not necessarily a comfort advantage.

Memory Foam

Sleep Number has models available with significantly thicker memory foam layers.


Sleep Number is available in Sleep Number bed stores which are numerous across the US. Innomax is less available in stores but is available online.

BBB Rating & SLTD Rating

Ratings are virtually the same for the two companies.

About our unbiased Innomax Airbed review and research

Our ratings of the Innomax (Dual Digital / American Sleep Collection) air beds are based on over 165 owner reviews of several models.

The majority of owner reviews were collected from samsclub.com. Learn more about our mattress research methodology.


– The beds' air pumps can make substantial noise when in operation, say about 20 percent of owners. Using the pumps during the night may wake another person sleeping on the bed. Owners of other airbed brands often report similar problems regarding noise.

– Some airbeds, such as the Sleep Number / Select Comfort Bed, are known for having an uneven sleep surface and / or an intrusion where the two air bladders meet. Innomax airbeds, by contrast, have few if any complaints on this issue.

– Some Innomax models, especially the least expensive, may lack adequate padding especially for side sleepers. Adding a topper to the bed can help alleviate excessive firmness.

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