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Updated April 7, 2017

Advantages of a Heavy Mattress

In addition to feeling substantial and expensive, a heavy mattress tends to move around less on its base, thereby needing less maintenance in this regard.

Advantages of a Light Mattress

A light mattress is relatively easy to transport, move, maneuver and handle. They are also often less expensive to ship.

Weight Comparison By Mattress Type (Avg Queen)

mattress weight comparison


Futons are generally considered to be, comparatively speaking, the lightest and easiest-to-move type of bed. One person can often move and handle a futon mattress.


Airbeds are often somewhat lighter than mattresses of other types with similar thickness mainly because their main supporting feature is air. Their fairly lightweight nature, however, causes about 10% of owners to regard the beds as being cheap and overpriced.


Due to foam mattresses often having below-average thickness, they tend to be somewhat lighter than the average mattress. Grips are not often present.


Innerspring mattresses, especially thicker models, average about 100 pounds. As a result, moving and handling them often requires more than one person. Grips may be present on pricier models.

Memory Foam

Weight ranges 30-150+ pounds depending on memory foam mattress model / size – with 98 pounds being about average. Thicker, higher-density memory foam mattresses weigh more than thinner, lower-density ones. Grips may be present on pricier models.


Hybrid mattresses most often refer to mattresses that consist of both innersprings and memory foam (two inches or more of the material). A queen hybrid on average weighs about 115 pounds. Heavy weight is a significant owner complaint.


Heavy weight is a main owner complaint for all-latex mattresses. Except perhaps for the thinnest and least expensive models, moving and handling them often requires more than one person. Grips are not often present.


Waterbeds are the heaviest type of bed by far and are difficult if not impossible to move when they are filled with water. Consequently, moving a waterbed first requires draining water out of the bed.

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