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What You Need To Know

THE GOOD: Lunesta (Eszopiclone) is often praised by users for its low addictiveness and general lack of severe side effects.

THE BAD: Only about half of Lunesta users say that the drug is effective in reducing their sleeplessness. The other half report that it works just OK or not at all.

Lunesta Effectiveness

Does Lunesta work? Out of the 303 users included in the data, 259 commented on how effective the drug is for them. Out of these 259 users, 126 (49%) indicated that Lunesta is effective; 73 (28%) reported that it worked OK; and 60 (23%) indicated that it was not effective.

Effective      49%
Works OK     28%
Not effective     23%


The use of Lunesta typically results in a complete night's sleep, or at least enough sleep so that the user can function adequately the next day.

Works OK
The use of Lunesta gives some insomnia relief, but not enough to provide for an adequate night's rest.

Not effective
The drug provides little or no relief from sleeplessness.

Lunesta Side Effects

47% of Lunesta users included in our research indicated that they do, at least in their opinion, experience one or more side effects or unwanted outcomes of taking the pill.

Top Side Effects

Based on our collected user experience data, below are the top 15 side effects.

Leaves bad taste     138 Users
Anxiety     45 Users
Drowsy next day     34 Users
Migraines     25 Users
Vivid dreams     24 Users
Nightmares     18 Users
Ear ringing     13 Users
Nausea     12 Users
MS-like symptoms     11 Users
Thirsty     8 Users
Indigestion     7 Users
Memory loss     7 Users
Feel drugged     7 Users
Hallucinations     4 Users
Sleep walking     4 Users


Leaves bad taste in mouth
For these users, Lunesta leaves a bitter or metallic-like taste in the mouth that often remains for as long as one is on the medication. Some Lunesta users say that the taste goes away or becomes less noticeable over time, perhaps because they have gotten used to it. A few others report that they have come to like the taste it leaves in the mouth, comparing it to menthol. Most, however, dislike the taste. Some users say that the taste in their mouth hurts their appetite and, consequently, they have reported losing weight since being on Lunesta. In addition, several users have stopped taking the drug because of the taste, regardless of whether the sleeping pill is helping them to sleep better.

Anxiety / panic attacks
For these users, a quickly pumping heart / chest palpitations, sweating, trembling, shaking, tingling, numbness, paranoia, restlessness, chest pain, shortness of breath, pale or flush face, body temperature swings, itchy skin, needless sweating, irrational fear and other anxiety-related symptoms occur at least sometimes and often on a regular basis.

Drowsy next day
For these users, drowsiness, tiredness, grogginess, dizziness and / or a "foggy" feeling are present the day after taking Lunesta.

For these users, headaches or migraines occur during the day and / or night.

Vivid dreams
For these users, strange, bizarre and memorable dreams are experienced.

For these users, disturbing and occasionally violent dreams or night terrors are experienced, often with distress to the person.

Ear ringing
For these users, a constant ringing in the ears or Tinnitus are experienced.

For these users, Lunesta can cause queasiness or unease in the stomach with an urge to vomit.

MS-like symptoms
For these users, symptoms often associated with Multiple Sclerosis are experienced, such as tingling, numbness, loss of balance and weakness in arms and legs.

For these users, dry mouth or cotton mouth occur.

For these users, there is a vague feeling of stomach discomfort, possibly including bloating, belching and pain.

Memory loss
For these users, memory loss in this context means an inability of the Lunesta user to remember what has happened after taking the drug, including what the user did and / or said.

Feel drugged
These users experience a "high" and lessened mental and physical ability, especially if they do not fall asleep immediately after taking Lunesta.

These users experience false or distorted sensory information, usually shortly after taking the medication.

Sleep walking includes activities that are often associated with wakefulness but happens while the person is asleep or in a sleep-like state.

Lunesta Addiction

5% of the Lunesta users in our research indicated having an addiction to the drug.

This does not necessarily mean that users experienced withdrawal symptoms when they stopped using Lunesta. Rather, the users said that they had developed a dependence because they sleep worse for sometime upon ending the use of the drug than they did before use began.

Lunesta Tolerance

8% of users in our research said that they developed a tolerance to the medication.

This means that the drug would lose at least some of its effectiveness and that increasing the dosage would be required to maintain the drug's ability to help one overcome insomnia.

The vast majority of those who reported developing a tolerance were those users who took the drug regularly for at least one month. However, a significant number of long-term users of Lunesta reported developing no tolerance to the drug.

About Our Lunesta Research

Sleep Like The Dead collected reviews and comments about Lunesta from 303 users of the sleep aid. The sources for the data are more than 25 online message boards in which Lunesta users share with others their experiences related to taking the drug.

Our research finding are organized into four sections: Effectiveness, Side Effects, Addiction and Tolerance.

All gathered data was spontaneously volunteered by Lunesta users and was not the result of any organized, scientific data collection effort.


– Sleeping pills / supplements may be appropriate to take if a person temporarily needs help sleeping during a time of stress or illness.

People who are not stressed or ill and still can't sleep well, either occasionally or regularly, should practice proper sleep hygiene before resorting to sleeping pills.

– Stubborn cases of long-term sleeplessness or chronic insomnia is often best treated through the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. (Read a CBT success story .)

Lunesta has about 49% user satisfaction. (49 out of 100 based on 259 reviews.)

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