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Top-Rated Fans For Sleeping

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February 2, 2017

In addition to producing cooling air circulation, fans often generate effective "white noise" which can encourage relaxation and sleep by reducing or eliminating disruptive sounds such as traffic, barking dogs, noisy neighbors, and weather.

The main competitor to fans used for sleeping are sound / white noise machines. Fans are the better choice if you want air circulation in addition to white noise; sound machines are better if you seek only white noise.

Ratings below are based on the experiences of owners who use the fans mostly or entirely for sleeping. Your own personal evaluation may differ. Links go to Amazon.com.

Fan Owner Satisfaction / Sample Price Noise Volume Air Circulation Indicator Light*
Ozeri 95% / 75 $31 low to medium fair to good no
Lasko 40-Inch 92% / 99 $62 medium to high good yes
Lasko 20-inch 90% / 84 $55 high good no
Rowenta 90% / 138 $75-$120 medium medium yes

* If a fan has an indicator light, its brightness may interfere with sleep unless covered.

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