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unbiased Earplugs For Sleep: Reviews & Ratings

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December 5, 2015

79% of people using earplugs for sleep find them to be effective in comfortably blocking out unwanted noise. Earplugs are often most effective and comfortable for back sleepers.

Unlike other solutions used to quiet / drown out unwanted noise when sleeping, earplugs have potential health issues. Prolonged use of earplugs may cause earwax to build up and clog the outer ear. Therefore, proper use and hygiene is important; otherwise, tinnitus, hearing loss, discharge, pain, and infection may occur. Refer to the instructions that come with earplugs to avoid potential health problems.

Top-Rated Earplugs

The table below evaluates those earplugs with 90% or higher owner satisfaction based on 250+ consumer experiences. All models below tend to perform good to excellent in both comfort and noise-blocking ability.

Howard Leight Laser Lite Howard Leight Max Lite Howard Leight MAX1 3M EAR Classic Earplug Hearos Xtreme Protection
Owner Satisfaction / Sample        
96% / 615 94% / 314 93% / 636 92% / 281 91% / 1103
Price (per pair)        
$20 for 200 pair (10 cents) $19 for 200 pair (9.5 cents) $23 for 200 pair (12 cents)
$28 for 200 pair (13 cents) $12 for 14 pair, pack of 3 (29 cents)
fair fair fair-poor fair-poor good
Main Complaints
(% of owners)
doesn't stay in (3%), doesn't block noise (2%) doesn't block noise (4%) doesn't block noise (4%), difficult to insert (3%) n/a doesn't block noise (5%), doesn't stay in (4%)
amazon amazon amazon amazon amazon
contoured t-shape designed for easy insertion. vibrant colors. designed for people with smaller ear canals. t-shaped. green color. bell shaped. orange color. cylinder shaped. yellow color. bell shaped. blue color.

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