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Results and Summary

The cognitive and behavioral techniques that I developed and used to combat my insomnia have worked for me, better than I ever thought they would. I was an anxiety-ridden sleeper for at least ten years, but with the help of my approaches I have become a good sleeper and have remained one for the several years.

Yes, I have the occasional bad sleeping night, just as anyone does. But I have learned how to not the unpleasantness of such a night spiral out of control.

Worries, stress and anxieties about attaining sleep and the consequences of what will happen if I don’t sleep used to be a major part of my life. I have now minimized them to where they are nothing more than an infrequent small annoyance. I am now able to live a much more fulfilling and happy life without insomnia holding me down.

For me, there was no "magic bullet" to control chronic insomnia. It took an entire toolkit of ideas and techniques, developed over time, to get control of it.

It also took developing an analytical and investigative approach toward the problem. For many years, I was simply emotional about my sleeplessness and this got me nowhere. I focused almost entirely on my anxiety and mindlessly did anything I could to deal with it, no matter how irrational and self-defeating. I did not make any real progress until I looked at the problem rationally and put my emotions aside as much as possible.

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